Continuing efforts to increase transparency via the Better Contracting Initiative (BCI), GSA now requires contractors with Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) contract types to report additional fields of information when reporting the contractor’s monthly sales in the FAS Sales Reporting Platform (SRP).

TDR contract types are unique contracts issued by GSA that have the Price Reductions clause removed from its terms and conditions with no need to disclose the contractor’s commercial sales practices for any of the products and/or services offered under the contract. In return, GSA requires that TDR contract participants report their sales monthly, rather than quarterly when compared to other GSA Schedule contracts (i.e. nonTDR-contract type).

Sales data submitted by the TDR contractor often include data mostly found in an invoice as evidenced in the screenshot below. Some fields are optional with every submission, however, also includes other contract identifiers that must be reported such as the contract number and Special Item Number (SIN). Sales are reported line by line while nonTDR contract types continue to report sales by the total number of sales for each SIN awarded on contract.


FAS SRP Reporting Template version 1.3.9

New TDR Field Changes

We recommend that TDR contract types become familiar with the new data requirements to ensure that internal sales tracking systems are updated before Quarter 3 of this year. While the new fields of data to report will be optional at the time of release, GSA states that these fields may become mandatory depending on its results and industry feedback.

New TDR Field (Optional FY23 Q3)ApplicabilitySRP Reporting InstructionsFAS Data Need

Order Date


Products OnlyEnter the date the order was submitted for the product (e.g., the order signed date). This field is not applicable for services.The ability to analyze order cycle times to assess contract compliance and performance.

Ship Date


Products OnlyEnter the date the product was shipped to the customer. This field is not applicable for services.

ZIP Code Shipped To


Products OnlyList the five-digit ZIP code of the location where the product was shipped. This field is not applicable for services.Locality information to evaluate pricing compliance and strengthen horizontal comparison capabilities for locality-based pricing.

Federal Customer


Products and ServicesIf you entered N/A in the Non-Federal Entity field to indicate the product was sold to a federal government buyer, enter the buyer’s two-digit Treasury Agency Code. If you entered SCP, SDP, or OTH in the Non-Federal Entity field to indicate the product sold to a state or local buyer, enter N/A or leave the field blank.Buyer data at the line item level to analyze and report on agency-specific purchasing.


How Do I Know If I Have a TDR Contract?

A TDR contract can only be acquired if any of the TDR-eligible Special Item Numbers are awarded under the contract. Even so, this does not mean that the contract may be a TDR-type contract. The contractor must have had to accept TDR via contract modification or by mass modification (Mass Mod A509).

There are a few other areas that will help identify whether a GSA Schedule is a TDR or nonTDR contract type. If the contractor submits its GSA sales at the end of every month, then the contract is most likely a TDR contract.

If the contractor does not submit its Most Favored Customer/Basis of Award Customer data for the services and/or products offered, then the contract is most likely a TDR contract type due to the removal of the Price Reductions Clause with no requirement to submit commercial sales data.

The contract type may also be specified in Block 14 of an SF30 modification award document that is provided after every modification award. New contractors may have this recognized in the SF-1449 award document and/or the Final Proposal Revision Letter (FPRL).

And lastly, the assigned Contracting Officer will also have this information if the contractor is unable to identify the contract type.

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