Audit Guard™

GSA Schedule Contract Management Services

Ensure Compliance Before GSA Visits

GSA has collected more than $200 million from non-compliant contractors in one year–don’t become a statistic.

GSA will visit you, whether labeled as a site visit or a full-fledged audit their sole purpose will be to ensure you comply with your contract terms and conditions—will you be prepared when they visit?

Ensure that you are compliant with the terms and conditions of your GSA Schedule contract before you’re visited by GSA. The risks of non-compliance and unfavorable audits are far too costly not to take preventative actions now.  With our full support clients, we perform the audit guard at least once annually; but always recommend that we perform one prior to any IOA/CAV

Coley offers peace of mind.

Our GSA Schedule Audit Guard™ uncovers areas of potential non-compliance and provides recommendations with clear cut actions required to ensure you’re compliant when GSA visits.

Audit Guard is our version of the GSA Contractor Assistance Visit. We conduct a desktop review of your:

  • Contract
  • Compliance
  • Reports
  • Processes
  • Sales tracking systems.

Following a review and discussion, we complete and submit a report that provide a grade of your compliance.

The compliance report provides guidance on how to improve any deficiencies found.


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