Contract Renewal

Exercise your “Option to Extend”

It’s crucial to ensure that your GSA Schedule contract stays active and compliant, and Coley GCS is here to complete your GSA Schedule Renewal.

Our team will work with you to quickly develop and coordinate everything required to renew your GSA Schedule. Below are the steps to renew your GSA Schedule contract. 

Steps to Renew Your GSA Contract

Step 1: Understand the GSA Contract Renewal Timeline

GSA Schedule contracts typically have a 5-year base period with three 5-year renewal options (totaling 20 years). For our existing clients, Coley will begin the renewal process months in advance before the contract’s expiration date to allow for adequate processing time. 

Step 2: Review Contract Requirements

Check your original GSA Schedule contract for specific renewal instructions and timelines. Coley GSA consultants can explain any changes in regulations or requirements that might impact your renewal process.

Step 3: Gather Required Documentation to Renew your GSA Schedule Contract

Our team will request and prepare the necessary documentation for renewal. This may include:

    • Financial statements
    • Past sales data under the GSA Schedule
    • Company information (e.g., UEI number, SAM registration)
    • Compliance documentation (e.g., TAA compliance for certain products)
Step 4: Review Existing GSA Contract Performance

Our GSA Schedule advisor will evaluate your performance under the existing contract to highlight any successes, including sales and fulfilling contract terms efficiently.

    Step 5: Prepare GSA Offer Modification

    Coley will initiate an offer modification for GSA contract renewal through GSA’s eOffer system and update pricing, terms, and other relevant information as needed.

    Step 6: Submit a Responsive and Complete Renewal Offer

    After various levels of review within our team of experts, your dedicated advisor will submit the renewal offer through the GSA eOffer system ensuring all required fields are accurately filled out, and all necessary documents are correctly formatted and attached.

    Step 7: Await Review and Negotiation

    GSA Consultants will coordinate and promptly respond to GSA’s requests for clarifications or additional information.  When negotiations with GSA are required, your GSA Schedule advisor will provide support and represent your interests throughout the process.

    Step 8: Accept Contract Modifications

    Your dedicated consultant will review and guide your team on any contract modifications proposed by GSA.

    Step 9: Sign Renewed GSA Schedule Contract

    After negotiations and when all terms are agreed upon, your advisor will complete the renewal through the GSA eOffer system.

    Step 10: Monitor Post-Renewal Activities

    Request information from Coley on our GSA Schedule management solutions that help keep track of your renewed contract’s compliance and reporting requirements and regulations.

    Request a GSA Schedule Contract Extension 

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