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GSA Schedule eCatalogs are living documents that need to be updated as your products and services change. Publishing and keeping your approved GSA Schedule Pricelist updated to GSAAdvantage is a condition of your GSA Contract. We will register, publish and manage your GSA approved pricelist on multiple eCatalogs quickly and efficiently.  Don’t deal with the hassle of the Schedules Input Program (SIP), We will do it for you.

GSA Schedule eCatalog Upload/Update Services

Coley prepares and publishes your catalogs on GSA Advantage:

  • Publish your GSA approved catalog to GSAAdvantage! and eLibrary for you.
  • Converting your Text Reference File into a compliant electronic catalog.
  • Did you know you can list services on GSAAdvantage?
  • Image Support – We resize and optimize your product photos to comply with GSAAdvantage!, We can even collect them from your ecommerce site or manufacturer’s catalog site for you to save you time and frustration
  • We process temporary price reductions to keep you competitive.

Did You Know…

That your GSA Schedule terms and conditions must be uploaded to the GSA eLibrary web site to be compliant with your contract? What’s the impact of not being compliant?

  • Contracting officers cannot issue orders to youKeep in mind that contracting officers use your terms and conditions to create purchase orders. You are contractually obligated to post your contract terms and conditions on GSAeLibrary as noted in Clause I-FSS-597 of your GSA Schedule contract.
  • You will not receive GSAeBuy notifications. Thousands of opportunities called GSA eBuy notifications are emailed to GSA contract holders every day.
  • GSA is removing contracts from GSAeLibrary that are not in compliance!

Learn to do it yourself

We also provide training on SIP Import and catalog management for you and your team.

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