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If you are providing products on GSA Schedule you must comply with the Federal Trade Agreement Act (TAA). In the past, TAA was inconsistently enforced, but that has changed. TAA compliance enforcement has been a priority for a while now. 

The consequences for businesses that fail to comply include suspension or complete exclusion from Federal contracting (debarment). Competitors can protest if an awardee is found to violate TAA compliance, which can invalidate a contract’ award.

Determining TAA compliance isn’t always simple. There are complex issues that can affect whether a product is compliant. Our team of experts can:

  • Provide guidance concerning TAA compliance
  • Working with you and GSA to provide the required certifications
  • Process the required modifications to remove non-compliant products from your GSA Schedules.

Ge the latest list of TAA compliant countries here. 


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