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Our team of GSA Schedule Experts deliver an integrated, end-to-end contract management solution.  Let Coley GCS provide the GSA Schedule management solutions you require to eliminate compliance risks, reduce administrative burdens, and maximize GSA Schedule return on investment.


Our TotalSupport includes the following GSA Schedule Modifications & Actions:

    • GSA MAS Mods
    • Administrative Mods
    • Price Increase Mods
    • Labor Category Mods
    • Add Product Mods
    • Add SIN Mods
    • SAM Registration and Renewals

Contract Modifications

  • Dedicated consultants prepare and submit your eMods
  • We keep your most current & approved GSA Schedule pricelist published to GSAAdvantage!
  • We process temporary price-reductions to keep your price competitive.

Avoid Non-Compliance

  • End-to-end risk management solutions
  • Periodic mock audit to uncover areas of potential non-compliance and report with clear-cut actions to help avoid the risks of non-compliance and unfavorable audit results.
  • We monitor and proactively track changes to the contracting environment

Reduce Administrative Burdens

  • Our GSA Schedule experts take on 97% of the work necessary to file reports and process contract modifications and administrative changes.
  • Our in-house, GSA contract consultants are available by email and telephone support.
  • We keep you apprised of changes that could create risk or impact your profitability.

Increase Competitiveness

  • Assistance with Contractor Teaming Arrangements and Joint Venture Agreements.
  • Access to to quickly trigger modifications and review competitive pricing.
  • Access an online Community of government contractors and industry experts

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