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eMods & Mass Mods

Keeping your contract up to date is extremely important to stay compliant. Through the modification process you can delete obsolete products form your offerings or update pricing of items you continue to offer through your GSA Schedule. Some modifications can be very simple and straight forward, and others may be very complex.  All of them require a careful and strategic review on how the modification can impact your business.

Whether you’d like Coley’s team of experts to handle the entire contract modification for you or you’d prefer to do most of the work yourself with guidance from us, we’re flexible and ready to help with all of the following types of contract modifications.

 GSA Contract Modification Assistance

  • Add/ delete products and services on your pricelist.
  • Add/ delete Special Item Numbers (SINs)
  • Solicitation Refreshes
  • Mass Modifications
  • TAA Compliance
  • Economic Price Adjustments (EPAs)
  • Temporary or Permanent Price Reductions
  • Administrative modification including updating point contact or change of address.
  • Changing or transferring of business ownership including novations and mergers
  • Exercising option to extend (see Contract Renewal)

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