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Clause as used in these procedures includes provisions and means a term
or condition of the solicitation/contract of the type set forth in FAR
Part 52 / DFARS Part 252 / Part 5252. A clause includes everything in
parts B through M of a solicitation/contract except:
    (1) The list of supplies or services and
prices/costs in Section B;
    (2) Specifications and statements of
work in Section C;
    (3) Packaging and marking requirements
in Section D;
    (4) Requirements for place of
inspection/acceptance in Section E;
    (5) Requirements for time, place, and
method of delivery or performance in Section F;
    (6) The list of attachments in Section
J; and
(7) Brief statements of strictly administrative, informational nature,
without significant cost or administrative impact on offerors or
contractors, which the originating activity has determined do not fit
the above definition of “clause”. NAPS 5201.304(4)(B)(a) Agency control
and compliance procedures. See “Contract clause.” 

“Clause” means a term or condition used in contracts or in both
solicitations and contracts, and applying after contract award or both
before and after award.

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