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Consulting support for your TXMAS


We take on the entire process for you including: development, submission, facilitation, award, and post-award activities. Coley develops your written offer specific to the TXMAS requirements, identifies potential modifications in an agile and proactive manner, submits required certifications and forms on your behalf, follows up on any clarifications, and uploads your product catalog to the TXSmartBuy website.  In short, Coley’s support includes all of the services you need to start doing business with State, Local Governments, and Educational Institutions (SLED).

TXMAS Support

After getting awarded your TXMAS, many actions must be accomplished during the life of this contract to ensure you remain compliant with all the terms and conditions. Our annual TXMAS contract support solution includes keeping your TXMAS products and services up-to-date and competitive.

Do you Currently Have a GSA Schedule?

It may be easier to get your TXMAS Contract if you have a GSA Schedule. Historically, the Texas Procurement and Support Services division prefers to use a vendor’s existing GSA Schedule contract to establish a separate TXMAS contract.

There are other Government contracting vehicles other than GSA Schedules, so a GSA Schedule is NOT specifically required to obtain a TXMAS.   However, obtaining a GSA Schedule allows Federal, state, and local government purchasers to buy from you.

TXMAS Frequently Asked Questions

What is TXMAS?

TXMAS (Texas Multiple Award Schedule) is a purchasing vehicle that offers an alternative to the competitive sealed bid purchasing method. It is a simpler and more cost effective way for Texas agencies and co-op members to purchase goods and services. Overwhelmingly more and more state purchasers prefer to use TXMAS contracts. In fact, the Texas Comptroller’s office encourages agencies to purchase from the TXMAS preferred vendors list.  TXMAS Awards reopened with new terms and conditions.

How to Get on TXMAS?

The office of the Comptroller updated the award criteria.  TXMAS Contracts will primarily be awarded to vendors that can meet each of the following criteria:

  • Provide a unique good or service that is not being met by other state contracts.
  • Provide pricing that is lower than other available contracts.
  • Have a long-term (at least one year) existing Federal, State, or Local Government contract upon which a TXMAS contract can be based. Without an existing Federal, State, or Local Government contract, a TXMAS contract between your company and The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) cannot exist.
  • Provide a justification on business letterhead from a Texas state agency or local government entity requesting the proposed good or service. The letter must state if the request is or is not a one-time buy.
  • The contract on which a potential TXMAS contract is to be based must have gone through the competitive bid process.
  • Provide base contract sales for the last 2 years.

Additionally, TXMAS will NOT award contracts that conflict with currently existing contracts contracting vehicles awarded by:

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