Register For the New FAS Sales Reporting System

Register For the New FAS Sales Reporting System

GSA’s Sales Reporting System Open to All

As reported last month and in emails that you may have already received from GSA; GSA’s legacy sales reporting system is being terminated and existing users are being transitioned over to the FAS Sales Reporting System (SRP).

We’re pleased to announce that FAS SRP is now available for registrations.  If you are an active 72a user, this new sales reporting platform is now open for registrations.

Whether you act on this now or later, there is no (more…)

Prepare For the New FAS Sales Reporting System

Prepare For the New FAS Sales Reporting System

72A to be Terminated This Year

(May 20, 2019 Update:  Register For the New FAS Sales Reporting System)

As many GSA Schedule contractors are aware by now, GSA will be retiring the 72a Sales Reporting System and will require current users to make a switch to the new FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP).  72a is currently being described by GSA as a “legacy” system and will be terminated later this year.

You may have received correspondence from GSA earlier this year about the upcoming transition, however it did not specify the most important questions: when exactly will the transfer occur, how will this be done, and who will have access?

As of yesterday, many contractors are reporting about very specific instruction received regarding the
transition.  All questions have been answered and many concerns have been alleviated.

If you are currently using 72a as the platform to report sales, it is likely this April will be the last time you will be use this legacy system.  For this reporting quarter continue using your standard process: gather your sales by Special Item Numbers awarded against your contract and report via 72a as you normally would.  If you have generated any IFF (Industrial Funding Fee), continue to process payment via 72a as well.  Finally, say farewell to 72a as this would be the last time your going to be using this system.

Mark your calendars!  Sometime in May of this year, you will be able to set up your new FAS SRP
account.  Authorized Negotiators, Contract Administrators, and the listed IFF Representative on your contract will all be able to register.  Be advised that
this system will have implemented GSA’s improved security enhancements
and will not require the use of digital certificates,
however will still be used when submitting modifications and offers to GSA.

After the FAS SRP has been properly set up, your next sales report and IFF remittance will be completed within the FAS SRP for the APR-JUN 2019 quarter.  Sometime after, your historical records will also be migrated from legacy to SRP.

Don’t wait until the next SRP update from GSA!  There are actions that you can do now to help ensure a successful transition to the new sales portal.  We strongly suggest that you review your contracts’ listed points of contact and ensure that all contacts have valid contact information.  If something needs to be adjusted, or new points of contact need to be added, contact your Contracting Officer and submit your modifications now!

As always, we will strive to keep you up to date with the latest updates from GSA.  Please contact us if there’s anything that we can do to help via email or call us directly at 210-402-6766.

FPT is now Discontinued

FPT is now Discontinued

GSA Discontinues its Formatted Product Tool (FPT) Pilot Program

GSA has distributed its announcement about the agency’s decision to discontinue its Formatted Product Tool pilot program. Just as I was, contractors falling under the 58 I, 72, and 66 GSA schedule program types were struck with mixed feelings upon receipt of the recent announcement . (more…)

How to Sell on FedMall

How to Sell on FedMall

Become a Supplier on DLA’s eCommerce Platform.

FedMall is the redesigned successor of the DLA eMall program; a successful 20-year purchasing program. FedMall is an eCommerce platform which hosts millions of products that are available for purchase by authorized entities. It includes tools to assist both customers and suppliers with functions that allow for product catalog management, tracking purchases, and more.  FedMall is comparable to popular commercial and government eCommerce shopping sites, such as and respectively, this online shopping center is made available to Government customers from Federal, State, and local agencies. (more…)

How Will New Defense Legislation Transform the DoD Acquisition Process

How Will New Defense Legislation Transform the DoD Acquisition Process

On May 18, House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Congressman Thornberry introduced the Defense Acquisition Streamlining and Transparency Act (HR 2511), which aims to modernize how the Department of Defense (DoD) procures goods and services.  The draft legislation would allow the Pentagon to use e-commerce (online) vendors for commercial off-the-shelf products, streamline the defense contract audit process, and enhance the acquisition of services. (more…)

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Fraud Alert

Fraudulent Purchase Orders for IT-Related Commodity Items

The Texas Comptroller’s office is sending out notifications advising contractors of several confirmed instances of fraudulent purchase orders being distributed to vendors without the agencies’ authorization.   All TXMAS and TXDIR contractors are being advised to double check all state purchase orders received. (more…)

Transition Assistance for San Antonio Military Veterans

Jack Coley meets with Mayor Ivy Taylor to discuss Military Veteran transition assistance ideas for San Antonio.

Jack introduced Force+, our Military Veteran-focused, Transition Management Platform, designed by Veterans, that enhance a community’s ability to successfully transition more military Veterans into the workforce. (more…)

FedMALL / DLA Schedule to Reopen to New Vendors Soon!

FedMALL / DLA Schedule to Reopen to New Vendors Soon!

Get Started now to List your Products on FedMALL

As more and more agencies are being directed to the DOD FedMALL platform, many vendors have been looking for ways to place their product catalog on this booming platform. DOD FEDMALL is an eCommerce site in which agencies can purchase commercial items from qualifying Product Service Codes shown in table below; however, a contractor must have a current long-term government contract in place in order to qualify to place the same products and pricing onto the FedMALL eCommerce site. (more…)

Validate Your ACES Business Representative Certificate with GSA

Digital Certificates: Don’t let this delay your success!

All GSA Schedule holders and new offerors who wish to do business with the GSA Federal Supply Schedule program must have a digital certificate to access various GSA systems that are essential for continued success.  These systems include the eOffer system (used to submit new offers to GSA), eMod (submitting contract modifications), and the new FAS Sales Reporting system used to submit your monthly FSS sales. (more…)

What is a CAGE Code?

What is a CAGE Code?

CAGE Code stands for Commercial and Government Entity code.

The Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency, (DLA) assigns the five-character ID and uses alpha numeric identifier is assigned to entities located in the United States and its’ territories.


GSA Supply Acquisition Center Industry Days at Ft. Worth, TX

The annual GSA Supply Acquisition Center Industry Days will be held in just a few months. The couple of days will be geared towards those who have a schedule 73, 56, or 66 contract.

The event will take place on: (more…)

Duplicate Manufacturer Part Numbers Now Accepted on GSA Advantage

Duplicate Manufacturer Part Numbers Now Accepted on GSA Advantage

As of November 23, 2015, contractors will now be able to upload duplicate Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs) to GSA Advantage. With this change, it will be unnecessary to manipulate MPNs when a contractor has multiple manufacturers that happen to have the same MPN. (more…)

Stay Compliant with Changes on Paid Sick Leave

On Labor Day, President Obama passed an Executive Order requiring Federal Contractors to provide all employees to paid sick leave. The order establishes a ratio of 1 hour of accumulated sick leave for every 30 hours worked on a Federal contract or seven days a year. (more…)

Mass Mod for new PSS Coming Soon

New Mass Modifications to accommodate the new Professional Services Schedule

GSA Interact has recently announced an important update regarding necessary actions to contractors who are migrating over to the Professional Services Schedule (PSS).  As you know, the PSS is a new contracting vehicle comprised of existing schedules in hopes to provide customers and contractors with the benefits of streamlined acquisitions. (more…)

The Road to a Successful Transition

Professional Services Schedule Updates

To recap, the new Professional Services Schedule (PSS) is a new single Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). It was created to help provide total solutions for complex professional services requirements, as well as eliminating confusion, and saving time by managing only a single schedule.

As mentioned before, the transition for single schedule vendors will take place on October 1st, (more…)

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