*Updated February 2024

Can a Joint Venture get a GSA Schedule?

Yes, a Joint Venture can get on GSA Schedule.  Before May 2023, GSA had standard instructions for MAS (Multiple Award Schedule) offers but found that those were difficult for JVs to meet. Therefore, the instructions were updated within the solicitation to clarify how they are applicable to JVs.

What is GSA’s Policy on Joint Ventures?

In May 2023, GSA released a policy for Joint Ventures (JVs) in Solicitation Refresh 16 to incorporate new requirements and terms in the GSA schedule terms and conditions. The mandatory JV solicitation will be released with Solicitation Refresh 17 in July 2023.  

Why is there a new Joint Venture Policy?

GSA worked closely with the SBA (Small Business Administration) to ensure that new instructions comply with existing SBA regulations. This provides more consistency and increased opportunity for JV Awards. 

What are the changes for this policy?

The primary submission instructions change is that all JV’s must make additional certifications in a solicitation attachment. The Joint Venture Solicitation Attachment requires all JVs to make additional certifications and declarations for the primary submission. The solicitation will also take note that financial and past performance data will not exist for new JVs and that partner information will be accepted in its place.

Existing JV schedule holders must have accepted Refresh 17 and will have to complete the new certifications. Coley will help process this for all our maintenance clients.

What Joint Venture specific certifications are coming?

  • Each JV must have their own SAM registration and UEI sperate from the partner companies. 
  • Must submit an Ownership or Control of Offeror attachment.  
  • The same partners that created this JV cannot have another FSS MAS contract together; The JV can only have one FSS schedule.  
  • Each partner of the JV can have no more than three MAS contracts 
  • One or more of the JV partners must be able to substantiate they have the proposed categories or products  
  • The individual JV Partners are unable to submit bids or quotes that the JV company is also pursuing – this is illegal 

My Joint Venture already has an existing GSA Contract; do I need to do a modification?

Yes! All contracts must complete a conformance modification request before the spring 2024 Refresh. This modification should include the following:

  • A JV Solicitation Attachment.
  • Price Proposal Template that specifies which JV partner provides the awarded service.
  • A draft FSS pricelist that includes the JV information on the cover page.
  • Updated Labor Category Descriptions. The Labor Category descriptions will need to reflect which partner provides that labor category.

GSA has updated the solicitation to incorporate new JV-specific requirements and terms in the GSA schedule terms and conditions.  These changes will specifically affect Joint Ventures that have existing GSA Schedules or are trying to obtain one.  

Forming a JV can help you extend your “reach” into the Federal marketplace by uniting the strengths of two companies to successfully bid and win as a JV on opportunities that neither could fully deliver individually.  Coley has more than two decades of experience in working not only with every aspect of Government contracting, but also in working with, and understanding, how JVs work.  Put our knowledge and experience to work for you. 

Coley has over 20 years’ experience helping Joint Ventures obtain and maintain their GSA Schedule. We are available to help make the process easy. Contact us today at hello@coleygsa.com, by phone at 210-402-6766 or schedule a call at a time convenient to to and get started on obtaining your GSA Schedule—a critical step on your road to success in the government market. 

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