GSA Schedule contract holders will have another solicitation refresh applied to all MAS contracts at the end of this month.  Effective 30 June 2022, refresh #13 is another unilateral update to the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) solicitation.

This will be the 6th solicitation MAS modification that we’ve seen since the start of Government fiscal year 2022 in October 2021, Coley GCS continues to follow GSA’s refresh frenzy of updates and reports on the significant impacts that GSA Schedule contract holders must be prepared for.

Terms, Conditions, and Clause Updates to the Solicitation

52.223-99 Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors

COVID continues to be referenced in these updates. However, in a surprising turn, this update will allow contractors to take an exception to clause 52.223-99, and have it removed from the contract. The option is largely due to ongoing injunctions and GSA continues to restate its position by not enforcing the requirements of the clause, regardless of whether 52.223-99 is on the contract or not. IF a contractor wishes to take exception to the vaccine mandate, they will not be able to take exception through the mass modification process as this refresh is unilateral. Interested contractors will be required to send an email to their assigned GSA contracting officer.

52.223-3 Hazardous Material Identification and Material Safety Data

It appears that GSA is also removing itself from any MSDS data sheet requirements. Per the update, all Safety Data Sheets will be provided directly to your customer if (and when) it applies. Do not submit MSDS data sheets to your GSA Contracting Officer.

Large Category, Subcategory and SIN Updates

Contractors who currently hold SIN 561210FS Facilities Support Services should know that the SIN will terminate on 6/30/2022, as GSA has determined that the SIN scope is similar to (and repetitive of) existing SIN 561210FAC Facilities Maintenance and Management. If contractors wish to retain the services previously awarded under 561210FS, GSA is requiring contractors complete and submit an Add SIN modification.

GSA is also retiring 541519CDM Continuing Diagnostics & Mitigation (CDM) on 6/30/2022 and will be transferring the awarded offerings to other existing SINs that fall under the CDM umbrella. Affected contractors must coordinate with their Contracting Officer regarding the transition. Learn more about the transition process here.

And finally, GSA will be implementing special ordering procedures on a consumption basis for SIN 518210C Cloud Computing and Cloud Related IT Professional Services. Consumption basis means any offering that is metered and accrues charges on a predetermined periodic basis. Additionally, the price reduction clause will not apply to cloud services offered on a consumption basis. Affected contractors should look into Acquisition Letter (AL) MV-21-06 for more information.

GSA states that all solicitation refresh modifications are mandatory and must be accepted by schedule holders.

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