For all GSA Schedule holders, you may have noticed an increase of activity from GSA pushing multiple refreshes. Only a few months after Refresh 10 and Refresh 11, GSA Schedule Consultants at Coley are gearing up for the upcoming Refresh 12 and 13. GSA noted in a live webinar that although refresh 12 is set to be issued on May 16, 2022, there will not be a Mass Mod requiring acceptance, rather GSA will hold the mass mod release until Refresh 13 is posted. GSA did not provide details on what would be included in refresh 13 or when it would be posted.

Summary of MAS Solicitation Refresh 12

This SIN consists of 4 Subgroups. Vendors adding this SIN must propose at least one subgroup. All SIN Subgroups will be subject to a technical evaluation performed by the department of Treasury’s FM QSMO Project Management Office (PMO). The Subgroups are:

  1. Core Financial Management Solutions (Core FS) – Partially pre-configured commercial financial management software suites offered in a cloud environment
  2. Additional Financial Management Solutions – Business capabilities that augment those provided by the Core FS Baseline Solution and have a direct correlation to Federal Financial Management functions or activities.
  3. Financial Management (FM) Service/Solution Adoption and Transition Services – Services in identifying, selection, acquiring, migrating to and using FM QSMO Marketplace offerings effectively and efficiently.
  4. Financial Management (FM) Technology Operations Support Services – Support and assist with technology implementation and operations.

GSA is hosting a Webinar on May 18, 2022 1pm-2pm EST to provide additional information.

Coley GCS has over 20 years’ experience with GSA Schedule acquisition and contract management. Reach out for support to keep your offerings up to date including adding SINs and get answers regarding technical evaluation requirements. Call us directly at 210-402-6766, by email at or schedule a call to speak to our specialist on how we can support your government contracting needs.

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