GSA combined 24 separate GSA schedules into one large schedule titled the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) October 01, 2019. All new offers submitted after that date were submitted against the MAS solicitation.

 For legacy contractors, GSA is planning on releasing the MAS consolidation schedule mass modification, January 31.

This mass modification will allow existing schedule holders to accept the terms of the new MAS schedule and begin the process of migrating current SINs to the new SIN system. The modification will also allow vendors with multiple schedules to begin the planning and processing of migrating those schedules into one schedule combining all services and products.

 GSA has stated that they anticipate the migration of legacy contractors to the MAS schedule to happen from January to July; to allow time to migrate all schedule together.

 Vendors with multiple schedules will be required to accept the mass modification for all schedules and then determine which schedule will be the predominate schedule.

 Important items to consider when determining the primary schedule for consolidation:

 eBuy will also be updating their systems to all opportunities to be found under legacy and new SINs.

 There are many changes coming and we’ll help guide you through this process. If you have any questions, please call your advisor directly.

 If you are not a current Coley GCS client, we can offer you the level of support that best fits your needs. Please call us at 210-402-6766 or email to assist.

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