GSA Interact has released a helpful guide to prepare for the upcoming mass modification being released this Friday:

GSA covers three central topics to what to consider before, during, and after signing the mass modification.

Before You Sign the Mass Modification

To summarize, GSA lists Six Things to do before you sign the Mass Mod

  1. Review the SIN Mapping Available Offerings Attachment.
  2. Review and verify that your company has the appropriate NAICS listed.
  3. Review the terms and conditions under the Mass Mod (link).
  4. If you take any exceptions to the standard T&C, you will need to catalog and address them during the mass mod process.
  5. If you contract is in the process of being renewed for an option period, speak with your contracting before accepting the mass modification
  6. If you have any pending Add or Delete SIN mods, contact your contracting officer as this modification will either need to be processed and awarded or withdrawn/rejected.

While Signing the Mass Mod

  1. You must respond to every clause.
  2. A mass mod will need to be completed for every contract you have on GSA
  3. Your contract number and period of performance will not change.
  4. The products and services on your contract will not change.

After you Sign the Mass Mod

  1. Verify your company is visible in eLibrary under the MAS vehicle
  2. Confirm your that SINs have migrated
  3. If you have legacy SINs that map to multiple new SINs, work with your CO to delete any new SINs that you do not need
  4. All contractors will need to update their GSA FSS Price list and product files with the latest SINs and terms & conditions. Files and products must be uploaded through the SIP or EDI programs to be active on eLibrary/Advantage. If you are affected by the migration in #3, you will be required to create and submit a new SIP files to properly align SINs. SIP/EDI Instructions
  5. Update any websites and marketing materials to include the new Schedule name, Schedule number, Large Category, Subcategory, and SIN structure (e.g., company website, capability statements, quote templates, etc.)

Understand that GSA is restricting any new Add or Delete SIN modification actions in the eMod system under March.

For a complete MASS Mod Timeline see below:

Mass Modification Release Date Legacy Schedule Number
Friday, 1/31/20 03FAC, 23V, 36, 48, 51V, 58I, 599
Monday, 2/3/20 00CORP
Tuesday, 2/4/20 00CORP continued
Wednesday, 2/5/20 70
Thursday, 2/6/20 70 continued
Friday, 2/7/20 71,71 IIK, 72, 73,56, 66, 67
Monday, 2/10/20 736, 738X, 75, 751
Tuesday, 2/11/20 76, 78, 81 I B, 84 

If you need assistance with the transition to the MAS contract, contact the experienced advisors at ColeyGCS.

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