The time has come for GSA’s much anticipated MAS Consolidation. Vendors will no longer be identified under their respective schedule numbers (i.e. 00CORP, 70, 84…) but rather be grouped under a single consolidated solicitation.

GSA’s first of many phases kicked off this past Friday with the temporary closing of the eOffer/eMod system for maintenance and updates but will re-open 10/1 at 8AM EST. All potential GSA vendors who were not able to submit their offers this past Friday are now required to follow the requirements of the Consolidation solicitation. For a copy of the solicitation, you can visit GSA’s “Advance Notice” on the following Interact page:

Roll-out for Existing GSA Schedule Holders:

As GSA continues the roll-out of the Consolidation there are a few things for you to consider as an existing GSA Schedule Holder:

  • Mass Modification estimated to be released early FY2020 (Jan. 2020). Be sure to accept the latest terms and conditions of the Consolidated Solicitation to ensure there is no delay in moving your schedule over. More information provided in GSA’s MAS Consolidation FAQ’s.
  • SIN structure will be updated under the new Consolidated solicitation. The new structure will be based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). GSA provided the attached “Legacy SINs to NAICS” spreadsheet. We recommend reviewing your SAM Registration to ensure the applicable NAICS are listed in your SAM profile.
  • If you have multiple GSA schedules, it is important to note that all your schedules under the same DUNS will consolidate. For schedules with different DUNS, those schedules will not be consolidated and will continue to have their own individual requirements.
  • To encourage vendors to accept the mass modification in January and migrate multiple schedules to one, GSA will update the system in July to only display opportunities for new SINs. Until July, GSA has created a mapping of legacy and new SINS in eBuy, so vendors under both SINs will see all opportunities posted on either SIN.

As a potential (new) GSA Vendor it is important to download the Consolidated solicitation and become familiar with the new Offer requirements. Many of the Technical Evaluation factors have changed and provide more options as a substitute for the Open Ratings Report.

We will continue to track the Consolidation process and provide updates along the way. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the Consolidation and how best to position your company for the Consolidation please contact Coley GCS directly at 210-402-6766 or by email at

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