Deceptive Emails State You Must Complete SAM Updates…

-Then Charge for Work You Completed.

It has been a few years since GSA launched SAM and required all legacy CCR/ORCA users to migrate their information to the new SAM system.

To this day, contractors are still having trouble with the tedious and sometimes confusing registration process. Users are frustrated with the help desk and customer support they receive when trying to contact SAM directly – slow responses and long hold times.

Your time is limited and you want it done right, you’re trying to get business, not stumble through a painstaking registration process.  To avoid these time-consuming tasks, some businesses are turning to third-party firms for help. With the growing number of these firms popping-up to assist companies with SAM registration and SAM updates so do an increasing number of deceptive marketing schemes to get your money.

Some third-party firms are getting more and more creative in their marketing efforts by emulating the look of government websites and making it seem like their spam emails are from government entities. Once companies engage, they lead you through a questionnaire that can be as tedious as the SAM registration or SAM Updates themselves and end with a requirement of payment to complete the registration (We have seen prices exceeding $600!).

Not all third-party firms are bad and requesting assistance with the registration process can be good business to ensure expediency and accuracy; but don’t pay to do the work yourself and be aware of misleading offers.

Things you need to know about SAM Registration:

  1. There is no cost associated with submitting a SAM registration or SAM updates, just your time;
  2. Any email you receive about your SAM registration NOT from a “.gov” or “.mil” is a third-party vendor, not the government;
  3. SAM offers several free video training on their site: SAM User Help
  4. Beware of government look-alike sites. The official government website is ; see below:SAM updates

Only if the company administrator gives access to a third-party, can they go in and make changes.

Again, if you have the time, SAM offers several free video training on their site or through their youtube account.

Creating and updating your SAM record should not be problematic.  At Coley, our consultants include these updates to our client’s  profile as part of the contract management agreements at no additional cost.

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