MAS Consolidation – AMA with Coley GCS

MAS Consolidation – AMA with Coley GCS

MAS Consolidation is officially here. Coley GCS will be will providing some insights on what this change means for you in a 30 minute Q&A session to address your concerns during this transition.

Coley GCS has provided GSA Schedule contract acquisition and management support for 20 years.


Ask Me Anything Session from February 4th.


New Online Training Accelerates Small Businesses success in Government Contracting

New Online Training Accelerates Small Businesses success in Government Contracting

Online training series helps small business gain a competitive edge in Federal Government contracting.

San Antonio, TX, September 13, 2019 – Coley GCS, a Government Contracts training and consulting firm, launched a live webinar on how to ”Uncover End-of-year Contract Opportunities”. It was a great success–students received insights, tools and resources to that allowed them to find end-of-year opportunities.

Government agencies are working at a frantic pace to spend their budgets before September 30th and often work until midnight on the 30th to execute product buys. In 2019, various factors including the December-January  government shutdown, and shifting spending priorities impacted spending. These events have put extra pressure on the government to complete their purchases before September 30th.

This Government Contractor Accelerator Training Series is delivered every Tuesday in one-hour segments. Live webinars are scheduled during lunch in order to fit business owners’ busy schedule who want to attend live webinars to benefit from the Q&A and talk to trainers regarding their specific situation or concern.  Webinar recordings are available for participants to review at their own pace after the webinar is finished.

This is not the first time Coley has provided training to help contractors. Coley GCS has provided U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) sponsored training for the past two years that help small businesses understand how to navigate the world of government contracting. When asked about the success of this training, Nancy Alvarez, Head of the 8(a) Business Development Program for Region VI said,

 “Coley GCS was instrumental in creating and delivering a powerful capacity building curriculum with proven results.  This initiative gave San Antonio small business firm the push they needed to win more than $70 million in contracts this year.  Thank you for your support

Founder and CEO, Jack Coley has found success as both a government contractor himself as well as a consultant to other companies.  “Our desire is to provide quality products and services to that help others find success.”  Coley helps local and national clients competing in the government marketplace with their high-touch, high-integrity consulting services. Jack Coley explains: “Our team has many years of experience and we wanted to bring that knowledge to small businesses to help them accelerate their entry into the Government contracting market.”

Below is the scheduled for the live webinar for the following 3 weeks.  All Events are Tuesdays at noon CST.

Sign up to our online school and get notices of upcoming training  or enroll to attend any of the Live webinar’s below.

Date                           Course Name:

Coley GCS clients under our annual management program will receive a discount to participate. Please contact your dedicated contract adviser.

Feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions at 210-402-6766.

Small Business Resellers Need to Know…

Non-Manufacturer Rule and Small Business Set Asides

You may know that GSA allows for Small Business Set-Asides under the GSA Schedules program and that Government Procurement Officers are taking advantage and setting aside procurements. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reduce your competition further and help your client agency meet their subcontracting goals, however, one rule to be aware of if you are a dealer or reseller of products through the GSA schedules program is the Non-Manufacturer Rule (NMR) specifically for small business set aside orders valued over $25,000. (more…)

GSA Sales Reported by Schedule FY 2014

GSA Sales Fiscal Year 2014

Review the table below for the GSA Sales Reported by Schedule dollar amount. (more…)

How GSA’s Strategic Plan Drives the Future of GSA Programs

GSAStrategicPlanEarly last year, the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) commissioner Tom Sharpe announced their push for big changes based on the 2014-2018 GSA Strategic Plan. He is utilizing a number of programs in his strategy to more than double GSA’s market share of government spending from 14 to 33 percent by the end of fiscal year 2016.

Some of the most drastic changes to GSA operations, as we continue to see, include the expansion of the FSSI program, the consolidation of multiple GSA schedules under Sharpe’s “hallways initiative,” and the growing use of online forums to connect with GSA stakeholders. Each of these programs is driven by the three strategic goals outlined in the GSA Strategic Plan.  (more…)

GSA Seeks Industry Feedback About its Future FSSI – BMO

yourTakeonFSSIOn the heels of its OS3 campaign, on September 18 GSA put out an RFI for Building and Maintenance Operations (BMO) Services, anticipating a future move towards a Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative for services. If you are in this industry, it is important to provide your insight and direction to these potential opportunities.



GSA to Keep Professional Services Schedules Open

GSA announced coming suspension of new offers, then changed plans to keep them open

OPENRecent articles decrying the temporary suspension of new offers to all professional service schedules posted on Federal News Radio and other sites should be ignored.

We have it on good authority from insiders at GSA that the plan to prohibit new offers submitting for professional services is not going to happen.  GSA FAS held strategic meetings internally and have devised processes for maintaining both new offers and revitalizing their schedule programs. (more…)

Is a GSA Schedule Right for My Business?


A lot of money goes through the GSA schedule program, almost $35 Billion in 2013, and the schedule program covers nearly every possible commercial industry product and service under 40 separate schedules. A GSA Schedule has been very lucrative investment for many companies, but a GSA schedule is not for everyone. Anyone who answers that question without first asking you more questions about your business and your goals is doing you a disservice. (more…)

VA mandatory use of Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) on Schedule 65 & 66

Most health care medicines, supplies, and equipment are included in this directive.

Under VAAR 808.002, Priorities of use of Government supply sources, the VA is required to first search awarded VA FSS contracts before looking at open market options.

If your product is not unique, falls under one of the broad groups below and you wish to sell to the VA, then it is recommended that you obtain a VA FSS contract: (more…)

Join the Movement to Remember Everyone Deployed

Join the Movement to Remember Everyone Deployed

RED Shirt Fridays

Coley joins the nationwide movement “RED Shirt Fridays” to honor, respect and support our Military.

“Participating in this national movement was suggested from our staff and everyone on the team was extremely receptive,” said Founder and President Jack Coley. “As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), our mission focuses on supporting our Men and Women who joined the military and serve their country. (more…)

Changes For Product Vendors On GSA Schedule

In response to GSA’s previous advisory, GSA has released clarification to its’ request for product vendors to update their comprehensive list of awarded “base products” with Manufacturer Product Numbers (MPN) and Universal Product Codes (UPC) on your GSA Advantage catalog. Base products are considered the basic model without any options or accessories.

GSA anticipates this change to strengthen agencies’ ability to find and compare your products on GSA Advantage (more…)

GSA kicks off new FSSI BPAs

GSA kicks off new FSSI BPAs

MRO and JanSan FSSI to go live – OS3 looking to follow

GSA has recently completed the award process for two new Federal Strategic Sources Initiative (FSSI) BPA’s and is getting ready to go live in GSAAdvantage. Once live, eligible ordering activities will be able to purchase from a short list of awarded vendors through the program. The Maintenance, Repair & Operations Supplies (MRO) and Janitorial and Sanitation Supplies (JanSan) FSSI’s have already completed their award process and the MRO FSSI is looking to go live on August 1st, 2014, JanSan has not stated a live date as of this morning. (more…)

Selling to State and Local Agencies in Texas


State of Texas CO-OP Purchasing

Cooperative purchasing offers an excellent entry into the public-sector market, especially for very small businesses looking to establish a standing in State and Federal business. It can also be the first step toward being TXMAS ready and earning an opportunity to serve customers throughout Texas, selling through a variety of contracting vehicles. To get started, you first need to understand what is out there.

A purchasing cooperative is a type of agreement among several organizations—often including County, State, and local Governments; educational facilities; and certain nonprofit organizations—that band together to purchase every kind of goods and services imaginable. Because the cooperative includes many members and creates a larger demand, it creates economies of scale, allowing members to get lower prices from selected suppliers. So who buys from here? We have compiled a list of Co-op members here.

This list includes counties, municipalities, schools, colleges, and universities that can sign a multiple-jurisdictional agreement allowing them to legally use a contract that was procured by another governmental entity. Examples include the Texas BuyBoard, which has reciprocal cooperative agreements with comparable entities in other states, forming a National Purchasing Cooperative.

What is Texas Buy Board?

This National Purchasing Cooperative is a $43- billion national online purchasing channel that enables approved vendors to sell products or services to a nationwide network in Texas, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Washington. If you are interested in becoming a contractor on TXMAS, the State of Texas Multiple Award schedule (analogous to GSA at the Federal level), obtaining a BuyBoard contract is the first step toward being TXMAS ready and earning an opportunity to serve customers throughout Texas, selling through a variety of contracting vehicles.

More Alternatives

In addition to BuyBoard, there are two Texas-based other cooperative purchasing agreements that offer access to additional markets around the nation are the H-GAC Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) Cooperative Purchasing program and the Purchasing Association of Cooperative Entities (PACE).

In the Houston Area, the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) participates in three procurement cooperatives that offer more than 275 vendor contracts commodities.

  • Choice Facility Partners
  • Gulf Coast Cooperative
  • HCDE Purchasing Cooperative.

Schools, colleges and universities, municipalities, counties, municipal utility districts and other governmental entities sign an interlocal contract with HCDE to become members that can access any of the multitude of competitively bid and legally awarded contracts available through their cooperatives.

When considering if pursuing these state and local contracts is right for you, make sure do your market research. See if your competitors are already coop members by visiting the Centralized Master Bidders List.   If you have any questions about how we can assist you with your development in this arena, don’t hesitate to contact Coley.

OS3 Reverse Auction Price Negotiations

GSA Closing In On Pre-Selections

OS3-OfficeSuplies-GSAGSA has currently ended Round 3 of the OS3 Reverse Auction Evaluation on 7/11/2014 and may go on to a possible 4th or 5th round if pre-selections have not been determined. This unique strategy further reduces pricing as previous round statistics are released at the start of each new round.

These numbers are automatically generated based on a myriad of factors calculated in an intense and secured price proposal spreadsheet that GSA has been providing at the start of each round. GSA is comparing the overall price of your entire catalog against a presumed agency demand over the course of a year. (more…)

GSA FSSI MRO is Now Open for Use

Open-GovernmentThe latest General Service Administration (GSA) Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) is now live and available for purchase from authorized federal agencies. The Maintenance, Repair, & Operations Supplies (MRO) FSSI Blanket Purchase Agreement was awarded to twelve contractors (eleven small and one other than small businesses) (more…)

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