Following alleged fraudulent activity on the SAM website, GSA set up requirements to that authorized vendors needed to submit a notarized letter validating the Entity Administrator. This process, however, created some complications, backlog, and delays in updating SAM profiles. This makes government customer payments problematic.

Beginning June 29th, 2018; GSA will revise their requirement a bit. A notarized letter is still a requirement, but they will approve changes and registration without the letter temporarily. The profile will be active for 30 days if a notarized letter is not received.  You can find the templates for the letters here instructions for domestic entities or instructions for international entities.

The second change is that your current SAM login will no longer work on and after June 29th, 2018.  Ultimately, your SAM Registration will implement a multi-factor authentication that now requires you to create a login at with a valid email address and a working phone number (cell or landline).  SAM is suggesting, and we do as well, that all existing registrants verify if the email associated to your SAM account is accessible.  Uncovering any issues during this procedure and fixing them immediately will only help you in the future when you really have to update your registration.

You can find more information here or reach out to Coley GCS via email at or by phone at 210-402-6766 if you have any concerns or additional questions.

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