What is a Mass Modification?

A mass modification is a schedule-wide change to the GSA solicitation that requires vendor action or acceptance. Several times a year GSA will “refresh” or reissue the solicitation under which your GSA Schedule contract was awarded. When GSA refreshes the solicitation, many of your contract’s terms and conditions may require an additional action or change in the way your contract is managed. As a GSA contract holder, you will be required to accept the new contract Terms and Conditions most of the time. However, in June 2022, GSA allowed contractors to take exceptions to FAR Clause 52.223-99, Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols.

How do you know when a Mass Modification is available?

When a Mass Mod is available, the Administrative Point of Contact of the GSA Schedule will receive an automated email with the contract number and Mass Mod number. The email will also contain a link to the Vendor Support Center’s Mass Mod website. You must login with your GSA-FAS ID to access the Mass Mod.

Experienced Coley advisor help keep our clients’ contract up to date and compliant.  We will modify their GSA Schedule contract as needed and provide insights on how these changes to the terms and conditions may impact their contract. Get the peace of mind that your contract is continually getting updated and you have access to the proper records that track all the completed actions.

What happens after accepting the Mass Mod?

Upon completion of the modification, a confirmation email will be sent to the Contract’s POC with a hyperlink to a printable SF-30. File this SF-30 as it will become a part of your contract compliance records. Visit the VSC and login with your GSA-FAS ID to verify if you have completed all mandatory Mass Mods.

Coley has over 20 years’ experience helping thousands of companies obtain and maintain their GSA Schedule. We are available to help make the process easy. Contact us today at hello@coleygsa.com, by phone at 210-402-6766 or schedule some time to discuss how you can get started on obtaining your GSA Schedule—a critical step on your road to success in the government market.

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