Starting October 3, 2022, GSA will suspend contractors who have delivery scores of 50% or below. GSA contractor delivery scores will decrease when the contractor fails to update the delivery information required in the PO Portal. GSA sends out bi-weekly emails that indicate the current delivery score of the GSA contractor. If it is 50% or below, then the contractor will be notified via email regarding contract suspension and when the suspension will take place.

Did You Receive a Suspension from GSA Advantage?

If you received this email, what does this mean for my contract? Receiving the email from GSA means that your contract will no longer be listed in GSA Advantage and eBuy will no longer be accessible. Your Government customers will not be able to order from GSA Advantage, and you will not be able to receive or respond to any opportunities in GSA eBuy.

This does not mean that your contract has been terminated, only suspended. Customers can still purchase from your contract by other avenues, but the contractor will no longer have any assistance provided by GSA Advantage, the PO Portal, and GSA eBuy.

How to Reinstate GSAAdvantage Access.

GSA Schedule holders who have been suspended from GSAAdvantage must provide an email to the GSA Advantage Order Team and your Contracting Officer stating the reasons for non-compliance and the changes made to ensure compliance moving forward. If you use the PO Portal, it is good to mention that you worked with the Vendor Support Center to gain access to the PO Portal, can manage the order status, and fully understand how to provide status updates of shipped and backordered. If you use EDI, it is beneficial to mention that you have worked out issues with specific transaction numbers and are ready to begin fully reporting.

 Tips to Ensure GSA Delivery Score Compliance Moving Forward

    • Regularly login to EDI or to PO Portal to add or update the status on all line items and all orders placed against your contract.
    • Ensure all backorders are updated to shipped as soon as shipping occurs.
    • If GSA sends a spreadsheet attached to your bi-weekly email, review the sheet and make any updates in your EDI or PO Portal as soon as possible.
    • Failure to update the PO Portal, even within a short timeframe, may significantly lower the delivery score.

How to Use the GSAAdvantage! PO Portal?

Find instructions on how to use the PO Portal and updating order status in a recent article titled: Report Order Status for GSA Advantage! Orders. GSA also released a video training which can be viewed on GSA’s YouTube Channel.

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