GSA’s Sales Reporting System Open to All

As reported last month and in emails that you may have already received from GSA; GSA’s legacy sales reporting system is being terminated and existing users are being transitioned over to the FAS Sales Reporting System (SRP).

We’re pleased to announce that FAS SRP is now available for registrations.  If you are an active 72a user, this new sales reporting platform is now open for registrations.

Whether you act on this now or later, there is no stopping your contract’s transition from 72a to SRP.  Most of you all will be reporting your GSA sales in July 2019 for the APR-JUN 2019 quarter, therefore take care of this now to avoid any complications for when it’s time to report sales and pay the Industrial Funding Fee.  Registration is short and simple, and therefore you should not have any issues with registrations come July 2019.

Who Should Register?

While the 72a system assigns a single account for each GSA Schedule contract, the FAS SRP allows all Authorized Negotiators currently on contract to register for this new platform. 

It should be noted that FAS SRP has a different set up on how it handles its users.  Once an account has been created by any (or all) Authorized Negotiators listed under the contract, these individuals will also be able to report GSA sales on a monthly/quarterly basis (check your contract’s terms and conditions!).

  • For most of you out there who report on a quarterly basis, you will be using FAS SRP to report sales sometime in July 2019.  Metrics remain unchanged; gather your sales by Special Item Number and report NLT 30 days after each quarter.
  • For contracts who have opted in TDR (Transactional Data Reporting), you may submit monthly sales reports 30 days after the close of every month.  The latest TDR templates, if needed, are also found within FAS SRP.

FAS SRP Does Not Use Digital Certificates

Users of FAS SRP will no longer need to acquire a digital certificate for logging in.  This will save you some upkeep with no reason to acquire digital certificates for other Authorized Negotiators, however, at least one Authorized Negotiator will have to have a valid digital certificate in order to access GSA eMod.

Sales Reporting Points of Contact

While all Authorized Negotiators will have the ability to create user accounts, this action will realistically go to your accountant or controller.  This user set up is possible, therefore it is best to ensure that these individuals are added on the contract via contract modification.

FAS SRP Additional Features for All Users

I would still recommend that all or most of your Authorized Negotiators register in FAS SRP, regardless if they will be reporting or not.  The system itself has some great features embedded within that all users can access.  You should have no problems in finding out your Procurement Contracting Officer, your Administrative GSA Representative, or even your Industrial Operations Analyst.  You may also view pertinent details about your GSA Schedule contract such as evaluating your GSA Schedule’s *past sales performance, finding your contract value, etc.  And lastly, best to have a backup contact just in case your primary reporting contact is not available.

Transitioning Still in Progress

Once registration has been completed, log in and look around.  While you most likely will not be reporting this second, you can find out some useful contract details without having to go to the Vendor Support Center or any other backdoor link you may have found at GSA.

*Be advised that 72a transitioning is still in progress.  You may not see your past GSA sales history just yet, however GSA has announced that past sales history will be imported into the new FAS SRP sometime soon.  At a minimum, you should be able to see your GSA Schedule contract number on the home screen.

How to Register into FAS SRP:

Transitioning to new Government systems, or being introduced to a new Government system, can be a bit daunting at first; it always is.  However, after going through the registration, I’m pleased to say that this process was as easy as it can be and very surprised.  Hopefully we can all see similar improvements in other systems that are used during contract performance (Schedules Input Program, I’m looking at you).  Hats off to GSA on this one!

When it comes to notifications, however, there have been emails sent out in error.  You may have received a sales reporting delinquency notification and/or an email stating that your contract has/has not meet the minimum sales requirements.  Not what I would regularly suggest but take these sales-related emails with a grain of salt!  Double check to ensure that you have reported sales for the last quarter and assess your past sales to ensure if you have met GSA’s sales and reporting requirements.

GSA is still currently using its multi-factor security procedures currently being embedded in other systems.  Nothing wrong with adding a bit more security to your accounts, especially in this day in age.  When you follow the FAS SRP Registration instruction below, be sure to save your details and your 12-character password (I know) in a safe and secure location.

Here’s How to Register:

  • Go to (FAS SRP Home page)
  • Click on the Registration Link and click the “Submit” button
  • Enter your First Name, Middle Name (optional), Last Name, and email address (match the Authorized Negotiator details as awarded on contract).  Click “Submit” to continue.
  • Your next screen will detail the registration’s “Success”.
  • An email will be sent to complete the account registration.  And within this email, you will see an “Activate Your Account” link that will expire in 7 days.
  • After clicking the activation link, you will then be taken to an additional site to create the following:
    • Password and its Requirements (minimum of 12 characters and must include; a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, a number, a symbol, no parts of your username, does not include your first or last name).
    • Selection of a Security Question and Answer
    • Selection of an additional Security Image.  This image will display every time you attempt to login to FAS SRP (You know you want to select that cool robot).
  • Click “Create Account”
  • To authenticate your account, click “send Email”, you will be sent an Access Code to your email that you used to register.
  • Once received via email, enter the code in the designated area and click “Verify”
  • After you have verified the access code, you will be taken back to the FAS SRP login site.
  • Attempt to log into the FAS SRP with your newly created account and credentials.  You should be able to see your contract number on the home page.

If you are a Coley client under the contract management support services, your dedicated consultant will continue to handle the sales reporting appropriately during the transition. If you handle your own reporting and are unsure of the system you are supposed to use, visit this GSA Vendor Support Center Tool to find out.

Contact Coley GCS directly at 210-402-6766 if you have additional questions about this process or if you need other GSA Schedule help.

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