General Services Administration (GSA) announced on Interact that IT 70 schedule would be adding new Special Item Number (SIN) 132-41 Earth Observation Solutions (EOS) in June 2017.

SIN 132 41 EOS is designed to:

  • Address the federal government’s growing need for earth observation services which unite multiple technologies including satellite imagery/communication, distribution and content management, analytics and data products.
  • Enhance IT GSA Schedule 70 offerings for increased visibility and rapid access to commercially available solutions.
  • Provide industry partners the opportunity to differentiate their Earth Observation Solutions.
  • Meet the needs of government agencies to make strategic decisions and bring the full value and benefits of category management to government.
  • Deliver customer agencies the tools and expertise needed through IT Schedule 70 to shorten procurement cycles, ensure compliance, and obtain the best value.

The new SIN will not be included as part of the schedule until June 2017, but you can learn more about EOS by attending the SIN 132-41 Earth Observation Solutions Industry Meeting.

GSA has been actively working to make the schedule program more inclusive and attractive to Federal agencies’ procurement needs. EOS is the most recent addition, but GSA included other new SINs as well:

Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS):

  • 132- 45A Penetration Testing
  • 132- 45B Incident Response
  • 132- 45C Cyber Hunt
  • 132- 45D Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA)

132 56 Health Information Technology Services

Both the above SINS and SIN 132 40 Cloud Computing are eligible for expedited review and award under the GSA FAStlane program.

If you provide Earth Observation Solutions and want to win work through the Federal government, GSA is making that process easier, contact Coley GCS to assist you.

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