GSA Administrator, Denise Turner Roth, released a video launching her “Making It Easier” (MIE) Initiative for the IT schedule 70.  Roth’s initiative is to drive more vendors and technologies to the GSA contracting vehicle, but responding to criticism of confusing language, complicated proposal developed, and the difficult post-award grind of winning new work.

Ms. Roth identified several key areas in her initiative including:

  • FAStLane – expedites review and award cycles for emerging and innovative technologies
  • Startup Springboard – Allows for corporate history exemptions when proposing emerging and innovative technologies
  • Plain Language — IT Schedule 70 Plain Language Roadmap is a step-through process for developing, submitting and competing an IT 70 GSA Schedule
  • MAS Welcome Package – A newly designed post-award welcome package that includes checklists, guidance, and training.
  • Forecasting Tool – A searchable forecast of contracting opportunities


Under GSA Administrator, Denise Turner Roth, “Making It Easier” (MIE) Initiative GSA has released the FAStLane program with the goal of shortening time-frames for IT 70 offers and awards.  The FAStLane program will affect both new offers and modification processing times for emerging technologies and innovative suppliers.

Ms. Roth has stated modifications can be awarded in than 48 hours and new offers awarded in 45 days.

Companies with emerging technologies and innovative suppliers applying for a new IT schedule 70 must meet the following criteria for FAStLane consideration:

  • Vendor must be operating within scope of one of GSA’s identified initiatives:
    • Health IT Solutions
    • CyberIA Project- We are poised to support multiple government-wide cybersecurity initiatives. Prospective cybersecurity suppliers should contact for information on participating.
    • Cloud Special Item Number (SIN) – We added SIN 132-40, Cloud Computing Services in 2015. Suppliers can find more on our webpage and contact for additional information.
    • Agile Delivery Services – We also welcome agile delivery services suppliers to join IT Schedule 70. Contact for information on participating.
    • Other customer initiatives that may arise (may include contract modification initiatives)
  • If a federal agency ordering activity requests in writing that suppliers may participate in FASt Lane to support the agency’s current requirements.
  • Suppliers who need to migrate services from the consolidated Schedule to IT Schedule 70 may participate in FASt Lane.
  • GSA reserves the right to randomly select industry partners through the offer process for FASt Lane. (Suppliers may opt out.)

If you fall within this scope or are unsure, contact Coley Government Contract Services to clarify and help accelerate your traction in the Federal market.

IT Schedule 70 Startup Spring Board

Under GSA Administrator, Denise Turner Roth, “Making It Easier” (MIE) Initiative GSA has released the IT Schedule 70 Startup Spring Board program with the goal creating exceptions for emerging and innovative technologies under the IT 70 offers and awards.  The GSA standard for Corporate Experience is two years, but the spring board initiative will allow for corporate experience exceptions when offering innovative technologies:

  • Use the professional experience of their executives and key personnel as a substitute for having two years of corporate experience;
  • Use the project experience of key personnel as a substitute for having relevant corporate past performance; and
  • Provide financial documentation that demonstrates the company’s financial responsibility in lieu of submitting two years of financial statements.

Ms. Roth doesn’t clearly define innovative technology.  If you have any questions reach out to Coley Government Contract Services for assistance.

Plain Language

Under GSA Administrator, Denise Turner Roth, “Making It Easier” (MIE) Initiative GSA has released the IT Schedule 70 Plain Language initiative.  The Plain Language initiative establishes a checklist and process for developing an offer through three phases of ensuring you ready, developing your offer and finalizing your offer.

MAS Welcome Package

Under GSA Administrator, Denise Turner Roth, “Making It Easier” (MIE) Initiative GSA has released the MAS Welcome Package.  GSA schedule ownership has been many compliance requirements and marketing burdens that many schedule holders are not familiar with until it’s too late. Coley has always trained our clients on all compliance and marketing items and assist it managing most of our GSA award clients schedule for them long after award. GSA is now trying make it easier for other vendors to know that they are just been awarded.

The MAS Welcome package includes several checklists and guidance pages for first-time schedule holders or those that have never been made aware.

MAS Package includes:

  • GSA First Steps Checklist
  • GSA Time Sensitive Guidance
  • GSA New Contractor Training
  • GSA’s Marketing Your MAS Contract
  • GSA Additional “E” Tools
  • GSA MAS Schedule Program Locater
  • GSA Additional Resources
  • GSA’s Schedule Post-Award Survey

The GSA Schedule program is an incredible contracting vehicle and the most popular among authorized agencies; but it is still a contract and there are always terms & conditions that come that require your proactive attention and the development of systems to ensure that compliance.

We have helped Government vendors stay compliant and win work in through their GSA schedule for over 15 years. If you need help understanding the requirements of the schedule or winning work, contact Coley GCS.

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