During our routine GSA Contract Compliance Assessments, we have discovered that some customers may not be including all of their GSA Schedule sales in their quarterly report because of confusion what constitutes a GSA sale.

Specially now, that GSA is enforcing minimum sales requirements in order to renew contract, we’d like to take this opportunity to refresh your understanding of what constitutes a GSA Schedule sale. When you make a sale to a Government authorized ordering activity, the following scenarios could constitute a GSA Schedule sale:

  • The GSA contract number is stated on the purchase order or task order.
  • The ordering information and terms are the same as your GSA contract.
  • The customer made contact with you through GSA Advantage! Or e-Buy.
  • The product or service is on your GSA contract.
  • The customer pays with the Government Purchase card.
  • The schedule is at or below the micro-purchase level ($2,500) and there is no indication of any other procurement vehicle being used.

Accurately reporting your GSA sales is critical to remaining compliant with the terms of your GSA contract and avoiding interest payments, penalties, and/or possibly contract cancellation.

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