On June 15, the General Services Administration released the final solicitation for the OASIS+ contracting vehicle designating six set-asides and unrestricted opportunities.  Separate solicitation postings were made for:

This is the culmination of the Best In Class Multiple Award Contract (BIC MAC) development and the lessons learned from the Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) contract, as well as the original OASIS contract.  The tentative due date for submissions is September 13, 2023, although experience has taught us to expect numerous extensions on an effort of this magnitude.

Contractors interested in responding to OASIS +, must first register with the Symphony Procurement Suite. GSA will be posting training on the Symphony OASIS+ Submission Portal (OSP) in the coming weeks.

Coley has monitored the development of the OASIS+ solicitation and its requirements since its inception. Through our FedMap online community of government contractors where we will host a  networking event for those small businesses looking to team for OASIS+, and our capture training, we have ongoing efforts to equip and empower our clients, and particularly small business clients, to effectively and successfully do business in the Federal marketplace.

Coley has been helping businesses since 2001 successfully win, manage and market in the Federal business space. We will continue to monitor all OASIS Plus and if you offer professional services and have questions if OASIS+ will be a right fit for you or would like to get a consultation on how to prepare, please reach out to us by email hello@coleygsa.com, directly by phone at 210-402-6766 or schedule some time convenient for you.

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