We know OASIS as a hugely successful Governmentwide Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) vehicle for contractors offering complex professional services. OASIS Plus (OASIS+) is a new multi-agency contract (MAC) and the OASIS heir apparent. OASIS will be coming to an end in three years and GSA is ramping up to replace the success of the initial OASIS while also addressing some shortcomings with OASIS+. Oasis plus is the new and improved version of OASIS, with features that are in response to industry and particularly small business concerns about its predecessor.

Visit the OASIS dashboard and you will see that since the first award 2015, almost over 7 years ago, OASIS has over $48 B in agency purchases and 3200 task orders. The largest users of OASIS have been the Army with $30 billion in sales and 450+ task orders, followed by the Air Force, with more than $28 billion in sales and more than 1,000 task orders. But even with this level of success, there were issues to overcome.

A common challenge for OASIS is that it has consistently been plagued by protests and delays, as well as concerns from small business over the past performance entry requirements. The diverse pools of OASIS have had staggered on-ramp periods that were at times confusing. There was also concern over duplication of effort across other GSA contracting vehicles.

Originally, BIC MAC (Best in Class Multi-Award Contract), was intended to succeed OASIS. However, because the intention was to build upon the strength and success of OASIS as well as address the previous challenges this contract encountered, OASIS Plus was the result. So then, what is the Plus?

What does the “plus” in OASIS+ Include:

  • OASIS plus will be a 10-year contract period
  • It will include elements from the consolidation of other contracting vehicles (HCATS) and BMO into the OASIS Plus Contract. HCATS is a Human Capital IDIQ and BMO is a building O&M (Operations and Maintenance) contract. HCATS, in particular, has underperformed.
  • It will be kept continually open after they make the first set of awards. Compared to previously where they had a limit of contractors who were able to get on, or they created on Ramps which were marred with protest and challenges.
  • Evaluation Criteria are intended to be less restrictive for small businesses than the original OASIS. Draft evaluation strategy and Matrix are available for review.
  • It will address the problem of small businesses awarded the predecessor OASIS contract and succeeded so well, that their revenue put them outside the small business standard, yet it was difficult for them to go to the unrestricted OASIS.
  • Unlike its predecessor, OASIS+ will not have a total-dollar ceiling (the limit of spending for all task orders on the contract).

I recently wrote on the pending SBA rule that will allow small businesses to use their past performance experience as subcontractors as valid past performance in bidding contracts. This will be an enormous boost to Small Businesses seeking award of the OASIS Plus contract.

An RFP has been issued for industry comments on GSA Interact. The final RFP is expected sometime in the second quarter of Fiscal 2023.

Coley GCS will continue to monitor all OASIS Plus developments closely, as part of our continued efforts to help our clients grow government businesses and successfully compete in a demanding Federal marketplace. If you offer professional services and have questions if OASIS + will be a right fit for you or would like to get a consultation on how to prepare, please reach out to us by email hello@coleygsa.com, directly by phone at 210-402-6766 or schedule some time convenient for you.


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