Government active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, …Rap Genius?

Rap Genius is a user-generated content site in which lyrics of rap songs, news articles, and even poetry have be uploaded and then collaborated with other users that critique and provide meaning of phrases. GSA has shown some interest in Rap Genius as it may be another social media platform that opens up discussions on some of its own initiatives, clauses, regulations, etc.  Doing so will not only gain interest and opinion, but will make the material somewhat understandable to the community.

GSA themselves has yet to upload any material to the website, but we found an entry about Executive Article 13423 and decided to test how the website works.  Users have already started to contribute and comment regarding some of the statements found within the Article. You can even find valuable information complimenting the article such as relatable statistics on the amount of energy used in federal buildings- information created and uploaded by a user.   Much more detailed examples may be found within the site, but be advised that you may be exposed to Not Safe for Work (NSFW) material!  Taking this issue into account, GSA is working with Rap Genius on a separate site for GSA that will pull away from the rest of the site.

GSA is a powerhouse of an agency making every effort to increases their visibility throughout other government agencies.  Having social media sites, and using these channels to constantly engage with users, will help GSA’s Administrator, Dan Tangherlini’ s goal to drive more sales through GSA schedules.

GSA has Facebook, LinkedIn, TwitterYouTube, Google + (no longer active: Pinterest) and a growing number of active accounts that are updated just about every day.  GSA has stated through their specific policies and guidelines:  “GSA encourages you to use social media technologies to enhance communication, collaboration, and information exchange in support of our mission.” GSA has great interaction with users in their own social media site, GSA Interact, designed to connect interested parties in a network that is specifically relatable to GSA services and its practices.

A Growing number of users from Contracting Officers, government buyers, contract holders, and many more are using social media sites.

GSA’s social media efforts have resulted in multiple platforms for social interaction and discussion forums where they obtain the feedback needed to develop and ultimately provide better services that are only possible, when the collaboration of many is taken into account. This is exactly what a platform like Rap Genius will help GSA continue to do.

As a government contractor, it may be time for you to evaluate your own online presence and social media profiles.  When evaluating, ask yourself if it displays what you want your potential customers to know about you and your company.   We encourage schedule holders connect with GSA’s social media outlets to find out the latest information that may pertain to you. If used properly, these channels can help you build relationships with potential buyers.

 If you need help evaluating, developing or implementing a strategic marketing plan to successfully sell your products or services to the government we can help. Contact ColeyGSA to find out more!

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