After taking over as GSA’s Acting Administrator, Dan Tangherlini has been focusing on clearing GSA’s name from the scandal books by reducing conference spending and  increasing accountability. In a 2013 interview with Federal Times, GSA’s Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini announced his a new goal. This goal includes driving more federal procurement spending through GSA schedules. It is estimated that, in 2012, about 12% of total federal procurement spending that could flow through GSA really did. Within the next 10 years GSA is pushing for that number to be 90%. He is doing this by educating Agency’s that GSA schedules are fastest and cheapest ways to procure goods and services.

Tangherlini has been gathering information and marketing the benefits of using GSA schedules to other Agency Leaders really emphasizing the time and money savings that come with using GSA schedules. According to Tangherlini, using a GSA schedule takes about half the time compared to procuring goods and services independently and, in his own words, “… we think we can save you time, which equates to money …”  One big item that Tangherlini thinks will help address government customers concerns about time and money savings is the OASIS contract. OASIS will give agencies a more convenient, faster, and more comprehensive way to procure multidisciplinary professional services contracts.

Tangherlini is marketing heavily to the Department of Defense (DoD) and trying to get DoD procurement officials to procure more through GSA. The DoD is the biggest government agency with the largest budget but they are current only spending about 5.6% of their budget through GSA schedules.

Since he has been with GSA, Tangherlini has proven good on his word. If the total amount of federal procurement spending that could flow through GSA does reach 90%, GSA schedules demand and competition will increase. If you now have a GSA schedule, it is important that you are keeping your schedule up to date with your most current pricing on GSAdvantage!  so agencies can find your products and services. Execute on your marketing campaigns or ask us for help on how to get started.   If you are considering perusing a GSA Schedule timing may be on your side.  If you have any questions about getting a GSA Schedule and if it is right for you, contact Coley by phone at 210-402-6766, by email at or schedule a call. 

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