Review of your GSA Advantage Listing 

GSA Advantage is an eCommerce site with search criteria that operate similar to Google or Bing and offers various benefits of GSA Advantage to government buyers.  One of the questions we get asked from our clients is, “How can I improve my sales on GSA Advantage?”

Steps to Get the Most out of your GSA Advantage.

  1.  Product Description – Ensure that your product descriptions are accurate and key search words. Link any keywords related to the item as you would like them to appear when searched. If the keyword is not listed exactly in the product description or item’s name as the term being searched, then your product will not appear in the search results. Note: Keep in mind that this type of update may require a modification of your GSA schedule price list.
  2. Add Images – Everyone wants to see exactly what they are buying. Upload product images for each of your product listings will make the purchaser feel more confident in buying since they will know what to expect.  The images should represent your products correctly, not just a logo or stock image.
  3. Include Certifications – The Federal Government is motivated to by green initiatives to buy green products.  If your products are eligible for a green certification, make sure you include the listing with its corresponding icon.  Find list of GSA Advantage icons here.
  4.  Stay Relevant – Regularly monitor and compare your competitors’ GSA Advantage product listings at least monthly if not weekly, to make sure that you are still competitive, you will want to take action to level the playing field to make sure you offer the best overall value.
  5. Price Incentive – Compete at your lowest price possible – Price above all else! Federal agencies are strongly motivated to buy the lowest priced items. Temporary sale prices are specially noted on GSA Advantage and stand out from non-sale items. If you find that your prices are higher than a competitor, consider temporarily lowering your prices to compete and win.  In rankings of similar products the lowest priced item is always listed first!

Your GSA Advantage listing should be treated as a living document, and should be periodically revised to keep you competitive.  Let Coley GSA know if you need help with keyword optimization of your listing, uploading images to your catalog or managing a temporary price reduction. Our eCatalog services extend beyond GSA Advantage and provides a turn-key solutions.

GSA Advantage should be  one part of  a larger Marketing Strategy

The key to competing successfully on GSA Advantage is to make sure that your products are found and that prices are competitive. However, note that about 1-2 percent of total GSA sales go through GSA Advantage; so although it can be a useful tool to make sales and build visibility, it should not be your only targeted source for GSA sales. Having a competitive and optimized listing on GSA Advantage should be one part of your marketing efforts. Complement your GSA Advantage listing with a marketing strategy that directly targets government buyers through email campaigns, catalog mail-outs, phone calls and face-to-face meetings.

Schedule a call and talk to a Coley’s GSA expert consultant and ask about our additional marketing services so you increase your chances of getting found and win more government contracts.

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