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GSA Advantage! is the online storefront for federal purchasers to find and buy products and services. Many companies don’t realize that you can advertise services on this website as well. It’s just another passive marketing tool for buyers and end users to find you. GSA Advantage! provides the following benefits:

  • Access to tens of thousands of purchasers that search for products daily
  • Showcase your products and services to federal buyers that are purchasing over 1 Billion/year through the GSA Advantage! catalog.
  • Show pictures, descriptions, and more details about your products

Using your existing GSA contract and the products that are approved on it, ColeyGSA can upload your catalog to GSA Advantage! using our proprietary software.  We will email you an easy to use spreadsheet that you can paste your product listing to. After sending it back to us, our proprietary software will quickly detect any errors, then we will upload it to the GSA Advantage! website. You will no longer have to hassle with SIP – the Schedules Input Program.

Benefits of GSA Advantage Catalog for Government Buyers

Through GSA Advantage, government buyers have access to an easy to use eCommerce website. A government contractor with a GSA Advantage Catalog offers products and services to government buyers in a convenient way.  These are the benefits and capabilities it provides:

  • Search for items using keywords, part numbers, National Stock Numbers (NSNs), manufacturer names, contractor names, or contract numbers;
  • Browse by category of products and services;
  • Compare features, prices, and delivery options;
  • Configure products and add accessories;
  • Place orders directly online;
  • Review delivery options;
  • Select a convenient payment method; and
  • View order history to track status, reorder, or cancel.
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GSA Advantage


Need Help with GSA Advantage?

Coley can help define, create, and upload GSA contract Terms and Conditions and support your team to:

  • Review your Final Proposal Revision and other documents to extract the information necessary for your Terms and Conditions document.
  • Work with you to develop the Terms and Conditions that are suitable for your schedule category.
  • Post your Terms and Conditions to the GSA website using proprietary software.
  • Highlight the opportunities that are available to you once your Terms and Conditions are uploaded.
  • Maintain updates to your Terms and Conditions to ensure you remain competitive in the GSA market.

Terms & Conditions / Pricelist Upload on GSAelibrary

Here are a couple of reasons why you need to provide your Terms and Conditions on GSA website:

  • The GSA actively removes contracts from GSAeLibrary which are not in compliance! Specifically, the GSA has said that if your terms and conditions are not uploaded, you are not in compliance and your contract will be removed.
  • Did you know that there are thousands of opportunities emailed to GSA contract holders every day? They are called GSA eBuy notifications. If your terms and conditions are not uploaded, you are not able to receive GSAeBuy notifications. What is eBuy? eBuy is an electronic Request for Quote (RFQ) system designed to allow Federal buyers to request information, find sources, and get quotes from GSA contract holders. If your terms and conditions are not listed, you can’t receive notifications and you can’t even log onto eBuy
  • Contracting officers at agencies use your terms and conditions to create purchase orders. Without them, contracting officers cannot issue orders to you.
  • If these reasons are not enough, you are contractually obligated, as noted in Clause I-FSS-597 of your contract, to post your contract terms and conditions on GSAeLibrary.

Improving your GSA Schedule Sales

If you have a GSA contract and you are currently not achieving significant sales with the government, there could be a very good reason. Your terms and conditions document is not listed on the GSA website, or your products are not uploaded on GSA Advantage!

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