GSA released MAS Refresh 21 to solicitation 47QSMD20R0001 and an associated mass modification to all existing contracts in May 2024. This refresh updates language to SCP-FSS-001, add a note to clauses 552.238-83 and 52.232-36, addition of new TDR optional data fields, verbiage changes to multiple SINs, and a new price proposal template for Travel SIN 561510.

What Changes are Included in the GSA MAS Solicitation Refresh 21?

  • GSA Updates to SCP-FSS-001

    Clarification that Joint Ventures will need to adhere to the 12-month waiting period and additional documentation requirements if they held a previously cancelled Schedule contract due to low sales or non-compliance.

  • Clause 552.238-83, Examination of Records by GSA (Federal Supply Schedules)

    GSA is adding the following note: “The types of books, documents, papers and records shall include but are not be limited to:

    • Eligible users of the GSA Sources of Supply and Services, as defined by OGP 4800.2I and/or subsequent orders,
    • Basis of Award customers, 552.238-81 Price Reductions, and 552.238-80 Industrial Funding Fee and Sales Reporting,
    • Verifying CSP-1 Form accuracy and completeness,
    • GSA MAS Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs), and
    • Authorized Dealers incorporated into the MAS contract by the Contracting Officer.
  • Clause 52.232-36, Payment by Third Party:

    GSA is adding the following note: “Credit card fees or convenience fees may not be charged to the end customer.”

Are Any Templates or Attachments Affected by GSA MAS Refresh 21?

Yes! GSA is adding optional TDR Data Elements to the TDR Sales Reporting Template. The additional fields are Order Date, Ship Date, Zip Code Shipped To, and Federal Customer – Treasury Agency Code. GSA is also updating the Price Proposal Template for SIN 561510 – Travel Agent Services.


GSA MAS Refresh 21 Changes to Specific Large Category, Subcategory, or SIN:

    • All Large Categories -Add Standard “General Information” section 

      Language will be added to clearly define the scope of the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Solicitation as it pertains to firearms, live ammunition, explosives, and artillery weapons

        • Office Management:

      Printing and Photographic EquipmentSIN(s) 333316C – Copiers and Digital Duplicating Equipment; 333316CPC – Cost-per-Copy Plan for Copiers (to include Analog, Digital, Multifunctional and Engineer Copiers); 333316F – Flat Rate Monthly Fee for Copiers (to include Analog, Digital, Multifunctional and Engineer Copiers); 333316OS – Overseas Copiers and Supplies; 532420C – Copier Rental Solutions; 532420LC – Operating Lease Plan For Copiers; 532420LTOP – Lease to Ownership Plans (LTOP) Copier will be revised

      • Information Technology: Electronic Commerce Subcategory:

        Language is removed for SIN 54151ECOM Electronic Commerce and Subscription Services

        IT Solutions Subcategory: 

        • Language is removed for SIN 541519ICAM – Identity, Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM) and SIN 561422 – Automated Contact Center Solutions (ACCS)
        • SIN Instructions are revised for SIN 518210C – Cloud Computing and Cloud Related IT Professional Services and SIN 518210FM – Financial Management Quality Service Management Office (FM QSMO) Core Financial Management (FM) Solutions and IT Professional Services
        • The document for is revised “Solutions Subcategory SIN 518210C – Specific Information for Offerors”
        • New SIN 541519CSP – Credential Service Provider
    • Telecommunications Subcategory:

Remove language for SIN 517410 – Commercial Satellite Communications Solutions (COMSATCOM), SIN 517312 – Wireless Mobility Solutions

  • Professional Services:

Identity Protection Services: 

SIN instructions and the four (4) supplemental proposal documents will be revised for SIN 541990IPS – Data Breach Response and Identity Protection


  • Travel Agent Services will have revised Statement of Works (SOW) for SIN 561510 – Travel Agent Services and associated Price Proposal Template
  • Accounts for changes in commercial travel capabilities and services offered by Travel Management Companies (TMCs).
  • The next generation of the ETS program (ETSNext) is using the model in which travel agent services, provided by the TMCs on this SIN, will no longer be embedded and included as part of the ETSNext contract. Instead, each individual civilian agency is responsible for requesting Travel Agent Services.
  • Travel Contractors should refer to GSA Bulletin ETS 24-01 and the latest SOW for more information.

GSA FAS hosted a public webinar on Wednesday, May 15th at 1pm EST, about the changes to MAS Solicitation 47QSMD20R0001 and the mass mod. This webinar was a listen-only format, but participants were able to ask questions via chat.

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