BuildFederalBusinessEarlier this month, GSA conducted training to over 1,400 eligible buyers on using Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) for procurement.

This was quoted to be the largest audience to ever attend these training seminars available to eligible buyers and contracting officers.

Main topics conveyed to the audience were:

  • The purpose, benefits, and regulatory foundation of the MAS program,
  • The importance of acquisition planning and competition when using the Schedules,
  • Characteristics and Schedule flexibilities on the acquisition life cycle including strategy, planning, and market research, and
  • The task/delivery order administration functions, documentation requirements, and ordering methods when using GSA Schedules.

The presentation was about 2 hours long and audience members were very proactive in asking the presenter questions about the procurement process when utilizing GSA Schedules.

Acting GSA Administrator, Dan Tangherlini, recently announced that his goal is to have more federal procurement spending through GSA Schedules.  The number of attendees and positive responses given is a good sign that he is on the right track.

How is this applicable to you?

The number of attendees could be linked to both a stronger push to utilize established contracting vehicles, such as, a GSA Schedule, and the coming Government Quarter 4, which starts on July 1st.  The 4th quarter is historically proven to be the highest grossing quarter of a GSA Schedule sales year.  On average, 47.7% of the total annual amount of GSA Schedule sales foes to quarter 4.

More eligible buyers trained to buy from GSA means more GSA schedule sales opportunities for you.  We recommend that GSA Schedule holders actively market to these authorized ordering activities as soon as possible!

OK, but how?

Obviously, you should respond to as many RFQ’s as possible, but that’s reactive.  To be more proactive, we recommend utilizing marketing tools that create visibility, such as email and direct marketing.  You should also analyze the historical data found at,, and other sites to find key points of contact and set up meet and greets.  If you’re a small business reach out to Small Business Utilization Representative and Primes.

Feel free to contact Coley should you have any questions and find out how we can help you with your marketing efforts!

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