As reported last year, we detailed GSA’s intent and the processes involved with FAS Catalog Platform (FCP) transition, and the changes that came along with it. GSA started rolling out the FCP Transition process late last year in waves and continues to deploy the same format well into the new year. While most of the GSA Schedule contracting community are still using the Schedules Input Program (SIP) to submit their catalog updates to GSAAdvantage!, large groups of contractors have already transitioned into the new platform and no longer require SIP. All GSA Schedule contractors will eventually move to FCP and SIP will be retired.

When is the FCP Transition Date? Pay Attention to Emails!

The GSA Catalog Management Office has been assigning GSA contractors in waves and sends the contractor an email with more information about the FCP transition. The email details the process, but more importantly, will also assign a date to start the transition and carry out all of the actions that must be done in FCP and eMod. If you have not received a transition date, all Authorized Negotiators should continue to monitor communications being received from the Catalog Management Office.

Who Should Opt Out of FCP?

The FCP transition email will also include an option to Opt Out of the process. The FCP transition is a requirement of all contractors and will only delay the transition to another time.

For our Contract Management clients, Coley advisers  will consider delaying the FCP if there is a modifications in progress. Most contract modifications will not be processed once the transition date arrives. This applies to modifications being prepared for submission but also includes modifications submitted to GSA before the assigned transition date.

The FCP transition process is linked to the product data currently found in GSAAdvantage!, therefore the contractor should ensure that the catalog is up to date prior to the FCP transition date. If you need to update your catalog, reach out and Coley can help get your GSA Schedule Modification started.  It is still advised to always have your online catalog up to date in GSAAdvantage!, but pending updates can also be a reason for delaying the FCP transition.

GSA will work with the contractor to ensure a more appropriate time for the transition for all contractors deciding to opt out at this time.

The FCP Transition Date is Here! What Happens Now?

The FAS Catalog Platform will only open to the contractor on the assigned transition date and must complete two phases. The contractor must validate their “Seller Profile” in the first stage of this process, and once approved, the contractor will move to “Baseline” the catalog via specialized spreadsheet loaders.

The Seller Profile involves reviewing contract administrative data, Authorized Negotiator information, administrative-like contract terms and conditions, phone numbers, facsimile, etc. and submitted to GSA for further review and approval.

Once GSA approves the Seller Profile, the contractor will move to “baseline” their catalog in FCP. The current data found in GSAAdvantage! must be downloaded and verified once again in FCP for correctness and the reason GSAAdvantage! should always be up to date. The contractor cannot make any additions and/or price changes, however, it is possible that FCP will remove items that are found non-TAA and/or Essentially the Same as AbilityOne items during this process.

If the stages have been followed in order and completed correctly in FCP, the Contractor will eventually have an FCP approved price proposal that will be transmitted to eMod. The eMod must also include a cover letter that details the processes completed by the contractor in FCP.

The entire process is completed once the Contracting Officer reviews the modification, makes the award, and issues the SF30 contract modification award form to the contractor. It is possible to complete the FCP transition process within days but also depends on the assigned Contracting Officer and the catalog size. Larger product catalogs will take longer to process.

The Benefits of FCP

We encourage contractors to complete the FCP Baseline Action as quickly as possible to avoid further delay of other necessary contract actions, but to also enjoy the benefits of this new platform.

Future modifications will continue to use FCP but will also an idea of competitive pricing before the actual Price/Add modification is submitted to the Contracting Officer for further review and award. FCP will provide the contractor with a Price Report that will allow the contractor to make any further adjustments within the proposal prior to submission to GSA. This may also lead to reduced clarifications received from GSA and may also reduce the time it takes to award the request.

Coley has supported clients completing modifications and updates to help keep their GSA Schedule compliant for over 20 years.  Reach out to Coley if you need to help preparing for the FCP transition. Contact us by email at, phone at 210.402.6766 or  schedule a call at a time convenient for you.

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