NOTICE: DOD EMALL is transferring to FedMall 

It seems as though the DLA’s requirements to submit a proposal for one of their own solicitations may have become too overwhelming. The DLA Contracting Operations Division is no longer accepting submissions for their own solicitations. When probed in an email, the helpdesk responded that updates on when new proposal can be submitted will be released around July 30, 2014. Similarly, if you have a submitted proposal that is currently pending with the DLA, no actions will be taken to move forward with your submitted proposal until after July 30th.

We will continue to monitor the DLA website for any developments on when new proposal may be submitted. If you have any questions on DOD EMALL or the DLA’s solicitations, feel free to contact Coley at 210-402-6766 or via email: Coley GSA.

ORIGINAL POST March 27, 2013

We often advise our clients that an additional way to boost GSA sales is to list your products on DoD EMALL. Run by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), eMall is an online catalog similar to GSAAdvantage! but specifically for the Department of Defense (DoD) community.

If you have tried to apply for an EMALL catalog using your GSA schedule in the last 10 months, you were most likely stopped dead in your tracks. EMALL has implemented a new requirement making it mandatory that your GSA Award Documents be uploaded to their Electronic Document Access (EDA) system. However, GSA contracting officers do not have the ability to load GSA Award Documents into the EDA system. EMALL will not accept your application until the documents are uploaded but GSA does not have access…. a great merry-go-round!

We have been diligently contacting EMALL and GSA to get this issue resolved.

In the latest update we have received from our sources within GSA, they have indicated that: “Currently GSA is in discussion with DoD to determine what documents are needed for the EMALL systems. Until further notice, GSA is not uploading any contract information into EMALL until GSA and DoD come to an agreement. I know this is an inconvenience for you, and I hope that this issue will be resolved as soon as possible.” Basically, until GSA and DoD come to an agreement, your application will be stuck in limbo. At this time, our sources are not able to provide us with an estimated timeframe.

But there is still hope!

We don’t want you to miss out on significant sales because your application has not been accepted by EMALL due to the EDA requirement. There is another way to bring your products to eMall; the DLA maintains their own solicitations. DLA has 4 open solicitations for Hardware products, Law Enforcement and First Responder products, Automotive and Industrial supplies, and Food Preparation and Serving equipment.

If you have a ‘long-term” IDIQ or BPA you can apply for award through the DLA solicitation. Award through the solicitation process will bypass the GSA-EDA requirement.  CAVEAT: Be aware of your GSA price reduction clause and basis of award before negotiating with the DLA.

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