DOD Emall to FEDMALLDOD EMALL announced the transition from DOD EMALL to the new Federal Mall (FedMall) application through it’s solicitation last year, but there has not been a specific timeframe or process, until now.

The effort comes after the DLA found an opportunity to modernize many outdated aspects of DOD EMALL’s current state.

DOD EMALL teamed with IBM to rollout FedMall late this year. DLA hopes to provide a commercial look and feel, as well as a streamlined registration, ordering, and research process. FedMall will operate just like your everyday eCommerce website, while being fully compliant with policies and regulations. As announced by The Program Office, DLA’s goal is to streamline the integration. Getting this information preloaded in the FedMall application will reduce the time necessary to roll out the new system. Additional information is required from vendors in order to achieve this goal.

To register for FedMall, visit: Download this quick guide on registering as a FedMall Customer.

Welcome to FedMall!

Transition to FedMall Dates:

Registration through June 15, 2017
FedMall is replacing DOD EMALL on June 18, 2017

What the Transition to FEDMALL Means to Current DOD EMALL Vendors?

In preparation of the transition from DOD EMALL to the new application, DLA is asking participating vendors to complete the new catalog templates. Catalogs will be integrated into FedMall once completed.

If you are a current DOD EMALL vendor then you should have received an automated message with Catalog Template and Image Template attached along with the Supplier and Contract Template. DLA is requesting the catalogs to be completed by 2 June 2016. Additional instructions for submission of these templates are can be found in the website:

These transition spreadsheets are critical to vendor’s catalog, If you need assistance completing this step in transitioning from DOD EMALL to FedMall please contact us at 210-402-6766 or at

Transitioning from DOD EMALL to FedMall?

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