GSA May Be Working to Standardize Labor Categories Descriptions and Pricing For All GSA Schedules

If you reviewed the OASIS and OASIS-SB proposals you may have noticed a couple attachments that you generally don’t see in professional service proposals. The first was a matrix that outlined the various labor categories and descriptions that will be allowed under OASIS. The descriptions of the labor categories in this matrix were based on of the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Standard Occupational Classifications (SOC). As part of your proposal for OASIS, you were required to map your labor categories offerings to the descriptions on their matrix. The second attachment was a matrix that set acceptable rate ranges for each labor category. The rate ranges were based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) data.

These two attachments show GSA’s continued efforts to standardize and commoditize services through GSA and further all OASIS vendors will look and feel the same. This commoditization of services will make it easier for Government customers who use OASIS to compare project managers, subject matter experts, etc. against like categories, but it conversely restrict value comparisons. Establishing standard labor category descriptions, qualifications, experience levels and rates will force vendors more restrictively into the Lowest-Price, Technically Acceptable box.   Not all project managers are created the same, not all regions share the same cost of living.   It could also possibly force small businesses into tighter margins when drop rates to match larger competitors.

Although this method was used strictly on OASIS, there are discussions that this method, if seen as successful, will be implemented across all GSA services schedules. Before any official changes are made schedules wide, GSA will have to go through a rule-making process. Part of the process will include industry feedback.

Coley will continue to monitor this development and when schedules standardization is brought up for industry feedback, we encourage all vendors whom this change may effect to give feedback.

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