GSA Global Supply is a US General Services Administration (GSA) program that provides federal agencies with access to a wide range of commonly purchased products through pre-negotiated contracts with suppliers. The program includes items such as office supplies, janitorial equipment and supplies, and other products and services that are commonly needed by government agencies. The intended goal of the program is to make it easier and more cost-effective for agencies to purchase the goods they need while ensuring that they are getting high-quality products at “fair” prices. The goal is not to ensure small business receives a fair profit or competitive equity.

How can vendors participate in Global Supply?

Vendors can participate in GSA Global Supply by responding to posted opportunities on and in eBuy. Though GSA prefers to use current GSA schedule holders, it is not a prerequisite for participation.

Global Supply participation is not continuously open like the GSA schedule; they are definite open and close dates, so interested vendors will need to set up alerts or check bid sites regularly.

What is the Benefit for Small Businesses?

By participating in GSA Global Supply, small businesses can gain valuable experience working with the government, which can lead to increased visibility and credibility, as well as the ability to grow their business and create jobs. In addition, GSA Global Supply can help small businesses to reduce their marketing and administrative costs by providing them with pre-qualified customers.

Small businesses that participate in GSA Global Supply can also take advantage of training and technical assistance programs provided by GSA to help them navigate the government contracting process and ensure that they are meeting all the necessary regulations and standards.

It’s important to note that GSA Schedule contracts can be complex, and it may be beneficial to seek help from a professional like Coley GCS to ensure that you have a good understanding of the process and have someone to help you along the way to submit a complete and accurate response to the solicitation.

What is the Difference Between GSA Global Supply and GSA Advantage?

GSAAdvantage is an online shopping and ordering system that allows federal agencies to purchase products and services from GSA-approved vendors. GSA Advantage provides agencies with access to the same products and services as GSA Global Supply, but it also includes additional features such as the ability to create and track purchase orders, view contract pricing, and access product information and specifications.

All GSA Global Supply products are required to be posted to GSAAdvantage.

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