As a GSA Schedule holder, you may have recently experienced a contractor assistance visit (CAV). In a CAV, a GSA Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) comes on-site to audit your compliance with the terms and conditions of your GSA Schedule contract and verify that you have a system in place to accurately track GSA Schedule sales.

In a push to further utilize technology and create efficiencies, GSA has started conducting virtual CAVs and mentioned in their 2013 Spring newsletter.  The IOA will complete the visit virtually instead of physically on-site. In a virtual visit, you will have a teleconference with the IOA and share documents to demonstrate your contract compliance via screen sharing software.

It is at the IOA’s discretion if you are eligible for a virtual CAV and optional to the GSA Schedule holder to utilize this method. If you are more comfortable with an on-site visit and you are presented with the option of a virtual CAV you have the option to decline.

Having a virtual visit may provide some benefits to the schedule holder such as savings from avoiding additional expenses on making internal personnel fly out to the audit site as well as reduce printing costs.

Before GSA visits, it is increasingly important to maintain organized electronic files of all the documents that will be reviewed.  Also, make sure you prepare for the visit by conducting your own mock audit or use services like Audit Guard, that help identify areas of potential non-compliance and provides recommendations with clear cut actions required to ensure you’re compliant.

For more information on this and other GSA Schedule Audit readiness related topics, please feel free to contact any of Coley’s GSA Schedule Experts.  You can reach us by phone at  210-402-6766, by email at or schedule a call.

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