What is the PSC Manual?

The PSC Manual is a collection of codes that the Government uses to classify your products and services.

These codes, much like other classification codes such as the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) and GSA’s own proprietary SIN (Special Item Number) classifications.  They are commonly used by the Government to classify your types of products and services.  Classifying the acquisition under the PSC allows for further study and commonly used in databases such as in the FPDS (Federal Procurement Data System)

What updates does it include?

The August 2015 edition of the PSC Manual, which will take effect October 1st, can now be downloaded at Acquisition.gov. The new changes will include:

  • Product codes on Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Federal Service Class (FSC) list changes have been updated.
  • Service code names were updated to more modern terms.
  • The addition of New Medical Services Codes, Category Q.
  • The service code W070 updated to read “Lease or Rental of Equipment”.
  • The reporting of environmental attributes has been added.
  • Code changes reflect updates for technology and terminology.
  • End dating of codes has also been added.

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