What is SRP?

This new one stop-shop for TDR and 72A data will be a safe, secure and user-friendly portal to report both transactional and aggregate level data. Reporting is very user friendly to navigate as both monthly and quarterly contracts are visible, along with the reporting period, last reported and balance. You will also be able to do multiple payments options for remitting the fee required pursuant to your contract.

Where do I Login to SRP?

The URL is now officially changed to https://srp.fas.gsa.gov/. If you go to the old TDR portal, you will be redirected to the new link.

How can I Access SRP?

You will now be required to use a digital certificate to login. This is a welcomed changed from previously where you needed to enter time sensitive security codes. In addition to the digital certificate, your name must be in the system to access the reporting portal. Although you can now add an authorized negotiator with the FAS portal, you would still need to submit a modification through the E-Modify system.

Can I pay fee with a Credit Card?

Please keep in mind, when paying with credit/debit card, you cannot exceed more than $24,000 per report. This applies to both TDR and 72A reporting.

I’m on TDR, when will my contract be migrated to SRP?

March 31, 2019 is the targeted date for all contracts to be migrated to the Sales Reporting Portal. TDR clients with multiple contracts will be migrated first. Also, there will be a multifactor authenticity code that will take effect around April 2019.

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