AquisitionTestPilotENDIf you are a contractor under GSA’s Schedule 599 and Schedule 520, you may have received an email from GSA notifying you of the termination of the Enterprise Acquisition Solution (EAS), GSA’s pilot program for streamlining vendor and contracting officer acquisition actions.

The EAS’ intent was to digitize just about every aspect of the GSA Schedule in order to streamline the two schedule’s acquisition processes.  Vendors were introduced to a new eMod and eOffer system which forced users to digitize pricing and most major terms and conditions of the contract.  Furthermore, EAS also had the ability to generate a Formatted Pricelist (FPL), which eliminated the need for vendors to create and publish their own GSA Schedule Pricelist after each contract or modification award.

The idea and intent to make life easier on the vendors is highly commendable.  The result, if you have ever used EAS, was anguish and frustration towards these newly implemented systems.  Users of the system found it nearly impossible to submit offers and modifications due to the system’s meticulous formatting requirements and countless errors received while moving through the process.  Successful submissions, were still plagued with errors in the FPL’s and complicated to have it corrected.

To many vendor’s and Contracting Officer’s relief, as of January 3, 2014 the EAS has been terminated and pre-existing modifications and offers were either awarded prior to January 3rd or rejected.  GSA has recently released detailed instructions on what to do or expect depending on the type of situation:

  1. As of 1/3/2014, Vendors with existing offers in eOffer should have been informed if the offer was awarded or rejected prior to this date.  Vendors with rejected offers will have to follow specific instructions discussed in this link.
  2. Existing schedule holders without EAS implemented will not have to baseline or accept EAS Mass Modifications I and II.
  3. Existing schedule holders with EAS implemented will have to look out for a mass modification that will remove language in the respective solicitations in regards to the EAS and FPL.  Expect this to be released sometime in January.
  4. All existing schedule holders will also have to create and publish their own GSA Schedule Pricelists with the Schedules Input Program (SIP).

Vendors and schedule holders will have to get reacquainted with a new eMod/eOffer system and reinstall SIP, the previous tool used for submitting vendor created pricelists to GSA; but we believe that the termination of the EAS program is GSA’s best solution until a more efficient and working system is in place.

If you are a Schedule 599 or Schedule 520 holder and need help or have questions on how this affects you, contact Coley for assistance.

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