One potential way to boost your GSA Schedule sales is to add additional product lines to your GSA Schedule. If you are a reseller or dealer and decide to become a GSA vendor, you will be required to provide a Letter of Supply (LOS) from your suppliers/manufacturers with the offer submission. Similarly, if you’re already a GSA Schedule Holder and you would like to modify your contract by reselling a new brand of products, not already on your contract, then you will be required to provide a LOS during the modification process. This requirement may vary with each Contacting Officer, but they all start with the standard template. If you are not able to provide the standard LOS then be prepared to provide other evidence that substantiates the ability to provide an uninterrupted source of supply to satisfy the Government’s requirements for the contract period.

Why would I get a Letter of Supply?

The LOS serves a variety of purposes to the General Services Administration. This document is an agreement between you and the supplier and provides assurance to GSA that you will receive sufficient quantities of the proposed products to meet the Government’s needs. Additionally, it may disclose discounts, pricing and contractual agreements. Its’ main purpose is to provide you with an authorization to offer the dealers products through the GSA Schedules program.  The following are guidelines for submitting a LOS:

  • Must be printed on the Manufacturer’s original letterhead- GSA requires that your manufacturer print the LOS on their letterhead. You may find some larger distributors unwilling to fill out a LOS either because they prefer to sell to the Government using their own GSA contract, or because they prefer to sell only through a select number of providers. Don’t let this keep you from pursuing your GSA Schedule. Having a GSA Schedule opens up opportunities to government opportunities that you may not have been able to pursue without it.
  • Must be dated with a date no older than one year- An acceptable LOS must be dated no older than one year; GSA wants to ensure the LOS agreement is up to date.
  • Must not have an expiration date- GSA requires the LOS to acknowledge the production of an uninterrupted source of supply. Therefore, the LOS must not contain an expiration date.
  • Must bear the original signature from an officer of the dealers company- An acceptable GSA LOS must contain the signature from an officer of the manufacturer’s company. This can be from either a CEO, President, Vice President or an authorized employee selected by an officer of the company to manage the commercial sales or business.
  • Must reference the solicitation number or contract number- GSA contracting officers are looking for the solicitation number (for new offers) or the GSA contract number (for existing contracts) to be present on the LOS. We have seen contracting officers push back offers and solicitations due to missing vendor specific information.
  • Must contain the statement that all products are Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant. GSA Schedule Contracts are subject to the TAA, meaning all products listed on your GSA Schedule have been manufactured or “substantially transformed” in a “designated country”.  Find designated countries here.
  • Must contain the statement on Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG) Certification- The CPG program is part of Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) continuing effort to promote the use of materials recovered from solid waste. GSA is asking that suppliers notify dealers if any of their products are made with recovered/recycled materials (CPG) and supply their suppliers with the environmental organization’s certification of a CPG item so the supplier can choose the appropriate Green Icon on GSA Advantage.
  • Must address any product or product category restrictions or state that none exist. It is essential for dealers and resellers to disclose any restrictions on products. Providing any deviations or stating none exist will avoid any is. Developing a relationship and gaining trust with your manufacturer are the first signs of building a profitable business.

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