Over the years GSA has had issues with getting GSA Modifications awarded in a timely manner. To facilitate processing times, the Office of General Supplies and Services (GSS) has created the Standardized Pricing Evaluation Logic (SPEL) tool. These changes are applicable only to Economic Price Adjustments (EPA) and product addition modifications. Contractors currently enrolled in Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) are already required to use the new MOD process.

What is SPEL?

Standardized Pricing Evaluation Logic, also known as SPEL, is the new GSS modification process. GSA, in conjunction with the OIG, has developed an algorithm to review and assess modifications requests against existing products, commercial market, past transactions, non-selling products. The result is a spreadsheet of acceptable products and rejected items with explanation.

Why is GSA Changing the Mod Process?

GSS has done extensive research and upgraded their algorithms to include TDR, Commercial, and Consumer Price Index data, that they can automatically recommend approval for legitimate price offers compared to recent GSA 4P tool evaluations. This new mod process also improves their control of overpriced items. With that said they have found that a higher percentage of pricing approvals was recommended by SPEL than 4P. This resulted in thousands of additional contracts offers being eligible for award. Because of this logic the Contracting Officers are now required to follow this new process.

This will result in faster modification approvals, but also many more modification submissions as contractors will need to adjust pricing and resubmit to get the rejected items added or increased. The SPEL process does not appear to allow for clarifications or negotiations. Coley’s contract managers are specialized in ensuring that all of our clients contracts have accurate and competitive pricing in order to maintain our 100% awarded rating for all submitted contracts.

How does the new EPA MOD with SPEL work, according to GSA?

Key Considerations

Coley GCS supports and encourages our clients to complete modification(s) following the appropriate processes and helping them stay competitive. If you need help with an EPA or addition modification on GSA, you can be sure that, with Coley, the processes are always followed and that all GSA Schedule offerings and price lists are up to date.

Coley has over 20 years’ experience helping Clients obtain and maintain their GSA Schedule. We are available to help make the process easy. Contact us today at hello@coleygsa.com, by phone at 210-402-6766 or schedule a call to get started on obtaining your GSA Schedule—a critical step on your road to success in the government market.

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