SEWPSolutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP), is a multi-award Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) for IT products and services. Products and services offered through SEWP include tablets, desktops, servers, network equipment, storage systems, security tools, software, cloud based services, video conferencing systems, IT product installation, IT training, and IT maintenance.

SEWP is run by NASA but is open for use to all Federal Agencies. Under the current SEWP, SEWP IV, there are 38 contractors both large and small Business. SEWP IV will expire in 2014 and NASA has begun discussions on their next GWAC, which is SEWP V. According to their website a draft RFP for SEWP V is set to be released on or about February 22, 2013. If you offer IT products or services we encourage you to monitor this RFP and respond.

Just as a refresher, a GWAC is: A task-order or delivery-order type contract established for government-wide use:

  • Master contract that defines the scope of work allowed and establishes pre-negotiated pricing
  • May be awarded to a few or to as many as several hundred contractors
  • Delivery/Task order competition restricted to awarded contractors
  • Once awarded, the contract closes to new companies until the contract expires—usually five to seven years later

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