GSA Interact recently added a post regarding quoting Open Market Items on GSA eBuy and how it “is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that all quotes submitted through the eBuy system are for contract items only.” This is a common question/concern we hear from our clients so we wanted to address it.

Government agencies ordering through your GSA Schedule may often request items not listed on your schedule pricelist.  GSA defines an Open Market Item as “products and services that are not included in a vendor’s approved GSA Schedule contract.” Open Market items may include materials, other direct costs (ODC), or similar products to those already on your schedule. There is no limit to what these items can represent as it may be any ancillary product, service, or cost that is necessary to providing a total solution to your Federal customer.

It would seem that there are times when it is unrealistic to provide a quote to a customer through eBuy without including such Open Market Items as ODCs or other ancillary products when the total price of a delivering a project would include them. You may be the only schedule holder providing your product, but the RFQ requests your product and an additional product.  There are many reason that an Open Market Item may be necessary to a quote.  It can also be frustrating to “no quote” an opportunity that would have included Open Market Items only to hear of a competitor winning when THEY included improperly identified Open Market Items though eBuy.

We advise you to first contact the Contracting Officer listed on the RFQ to make him or her aware of the Open Market Items that will be included in your quote. If the contracting officer is open to your solution, then clearly and precisely identify Open Market items when you submit your quote. These actions will make the Contracting Officer aware of the Open Market Items so they may determine if the Items are fairly and reasonably priced. It is important to remember you should not include the value of open market sales when reporting the quarterly 72a sales, only the total sales of the actual contract items.

The best way to ensure that you can respond to the widest range of RFQs without quoting Open Market Items is by keeping your GSA Schedule up-to-date with your latest products and services. Coley provides modification development and our annual GSA Schedule support plan includes modifications to keep your pricelist up-to-date.

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