Professional Services Schedule Updates

To recap, the new Professional Services Schedule (PSS) is a new single Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). It was created to help provide total solutions for complex professional services requirements, as well as eliminating confusion, and saving time by managing only a single schedule.

As mentioned before, the transition for single schedule vendors will take place on October 1st, in the form of a mass mod, for the following contract types:

  • Schedule 520 Financial and Business Solutions (FABS)
  • Schedule 541 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Services (AIMS)
  • Schedule 738 II Language Services
  • Schedule 871 Professional Engineering Services (PES)
  • Schedule 874 Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)
  • Schedule 874V Logistics Worldwide (Logworld)
  • Schedule 899 Environmental Services

If only one of your contracts is affected:

  • The only changes will be the schedule name and the solicitation number.

If two or more contracts are affected:

  • These firms must migrate (merging of two or more contracts into a single contract). Any of these firms that have not migrated may have one or more of their contracts no longer visible in Schedules elibrary, GSA Advantage or eBuy after October 1st.
  • Single schedules will migrate into a 00CORP contract.
  • There will be a new GS-00F-xxxx contract number. Terms and conditions, SINs, and labor categories will mirror the single schedules that were migrated.
  • After the Migration, single schedule contracts will be “cancelled” or be let to “set expire”. A modification will be issued confirming the status of the remaining single schedule contracts. It is necessary to use the new 00CORP number for any new acquisitions.
  • A modification request package must be created and submitted prior to July 31 to ensure it is reviewed and awarded prior to October 1st

Existing BPAs and TOs:

Should there be any current Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) and Task Orders (TOs), it is recommended that contractors inform customer agencies of the impending migration. GSA posted a helpful document for agencies on interact titled “Handling BPAs and Task Orders (TOs)”.

If there is a BPA established under a single schedule contract, it is preferred that the BPA is transferred over to the new consolidated contract number. Alternatively leaving the BPA as is, will result in the BPA expiring when the single schedule expires.

  • Moving the BPA over to the new consolidated contract number is recommended because it allows the BPA to continue it’s agreed upon period of performance without any possible service interruptions. Terms and conditions of a BPA will not change. The administrative change is documented by an approved Memo to file.
  • When leaving the BPA in the existing schedule to expire, GSA will not take any further action on these contracts to modify. The sole purpose of the existing Schedule contract remaining in place is to support the active BPA(s) disclosed by the firm to GSA at time of migration.

If you have not completed the migration request modification, it is still required, there is simply not the guarantee that both contracts will be present immediately following the October 1st rollout.



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