GSA Closing In On Pre-Selections

GSA has currently ended Round 3 of the OS3 Reverse Auction Evaluation on 7/11/2014 and may go on to a possible 4th or 5th round if pre-selections have not been determined. This unique strategy further reduces pricing as previous round statistics are released at the start of each new round.

These numbers are automatically generated based on a myriad of factors calculated in an intense and secured price proposal spreadsheet that GSA has been providing at the start of each round. GSA is comparing the overall price of your entire catalog against a presumed agency demand over the course of a year.

Vendors change values in their volume discounts, product pricing, and fees to reduce their overall Adjusted Market Basket.

GSA is anticipating to award the following businesses per CLIN (or “GSA anticipates awards for the following businesses per CLIN”:

CLINITEMEstimated AwardsSocio-Economic Requirement
0001General Office Supplies152 SDVOSB, 12 SB, 1 SB with Partnership/teaming
0002Paper33 SB
0003Toner/Ink53 SDVOSB, 2 SB
0004GSA On-the-Go1+LPTA, Subcontracting Plan if applicable

If there are not further negotiation rounds, it is likely we will hear about the awarded vendor list in the coming days.

It’s important to note that in the FSSI and Reverse Auction negotiation is the acquisition trend to determine lowest bidder contractor awards. We are seeing the negotiation process far more often and expect to see it continue to grow in popularity in the Federal space.

Review your product offering and reassess your internal costs to better position yourself against competition. Your 10 years of exceptional customer service and extended warranties will not be winning you the work, it will be your product offerings and loaded price alone.

If you need assistance with pricing or marketing strategy on any upcoming government opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact Coley.

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