Based on the successful Second Generation Office Supply (OS2), GSA has refreshed the program and released the Draft Solicitation for the Third Generation Office Supply (OS3) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). GSA claims that 76% percent of all expenditures under OS2 were for small businesses, and similar or better performance is expected for OS3.

OS3 is intended to cut costs and increase efficiencies by allowing Government purchasers to buy everyday office supplies from a list of approved vendors at negotiated low prices. GSA expects OS3 to save the government $65 million annually in administrative costs and $90 million captured through lower prices.

GSA identified the following as possible benefits of the OS3 program:

  • This procurement will be full-and-open to all office supply businesses, including those without GSA Multiple Award Schedule contracts, provided that the contractor is an authorized AbilityOne-certified contractor for the OS3’s period of performance.
  • Provide additional purchasing channel.
  • Lower prices through increased competition and a dynamic pricing model, which reduces price variances.

The first bullet is very important, as there is a process to becoming an AbilityOne-certified contractor.

There are differing opinions regarding whether the OS3 BPA is the best Government procurement vehicle for these products. GSA claims that its OS2 BPAs have saved the Government millions of dollars. However, some contractors feel that Office Supply BPAs cannibalize the hundreds of businesses that are left out of the BPA.

GSA posted its Draft Request for Proposals (RFP) on December 6.  Responses to any questions about the draft Statement of Work posted on December 2. Review the presentation shared during GSA’s FSSI OS3 Virtual Industry Engagement Event on December 10th. GSA expects to have the complete RFP posted in the coming weeks.

If your company provides everyday office supplies, we encourage you to share your thoughts of the BPA on Interact.

If you have any questions on the FSSI or upcoming BPAs feel free to contact Coley.

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