The GSA published the second Draft RFP for the OASIS+ IDIQ contract on 6 March, updated on 8 March. The Draft RFP included the responses to more than 2200 questions and 680 survey responses from the First Draft RFP. This current Draft RFP will have no question and contract period. Initially, another round of questions had been anticipated after the second draft RFP; however, GSA announced that it was hoping to release the Final RFP as early as the end of this month. So, GSA is in a hurry to put the OASIS+ RFP on the street.

Perhaps due to the receipt of thousands of questions after the first Draft RFP, there will be minimum time between the Second Draft RFP and the Final. This is something of a surprise and demonstrates the Government’s sense of urgency in getting OASIS+ off the ground.

The Tentative OASIS+ timeline is now: An Industry Day on March 15: You can find more information on Interact.

  • When: Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. ET (10:00 a.m. PT)
  • Where: Virtual; click here to register
  • Who: Open to all industry partners interested in the OASIS+ contract program

All submissions will be through the Symphony Interface and an Offeror Training will be conducted in conjunction with the release of the Final RFP.

Awards are scheduled to begin being made near the end of Fiscal 2023 in September, with Final Awards made and NTFs issued in mid calendar year 2024,(that is toward the end of Fiscal 2024).

Key Features of OASIS +

While more details are available on OASIS+ at the GSA Interact Link above, there are some unique features of interest:

  • There is no contract ceiling and no cap on the number of awards.
  • There is a 10-year consecutive coterminous ordering period.
  • There is open on-ramping after initial awards. This means that if you are not awarded in the first group, you are able to reapply for OASIS at any time afterward.
  • There is no evaluation of price at the IDIQ Contract Level’ pricing will be evaluated at the Task Order level

We urge you to register for the Industry Day and to continue watching for updates as they develop. If you would like to get support on getting on GSA Schedule or have questions on how you can prepare to compete on OASIS +, reach out directly by phone at 210-402-6766, by email at or schedule a call at time convenient for you. At Coley GCS, we are constantly monitoring all GSA-related contracting developments and vehicles, including OASIS+.

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